We are back! PrograMonks presents v4.14 of CoinMarketApp on Android!!!

As we keep adding features to the app, it can get a bit hard to follow, from a user’s point of view. We want to give you a walk through to point out the most essential features, so you get the most out of this app! Ready..? Lights, camera, 🎬 !

About us

PrograMonks focuses on providing features based on the user requests and most of our free time is spent coding, researching, replying to feedback and coding again :) We are not just about developing, we also love to help others, therefore we have decided to donate 2% from each month’s Subscription earnings from CoinMarketApp to charities of our choice or yours, we are open to your suggestions! More on this to follow in the near future.


  • Over 750k downloads 🙌
  • 120k daily active users 👏
  • 16k reviews on the PlayStore 🗣
  • 4.7 average rating on the PlayStore 😊

Many thanks to our users for these achievements, we could not do this without you trusting in us 🙌

🏠 Home - the most visited page of the app, as from here you can see all of the cryptos that exist in the app at the moment and favourite the ones you want to keep track of. From the top of the home page you can search for a specific crypto, change the sorting and lastly change the default currency that the prices are displayed.

💼 Portfolio - one of our latest and probably the most anticipated feature. With Portfolio you can keep track of all your holdings as well as individual profit or loss for each of your Crypto. As this is such a big feature we will dedicated a whole post just for Portfolio and how it works (coming soon!).

🛎 Alerts - we brought alerts to the main tab in order to make them easier to manage. You can set custom alerts (on any currency) for when the price of a crypto goes above or below a certain value. You can also access alerts from each individual crypto.

📰 News - get informed with anything crypto related from well known websites like coindesk.com and cointelegraph.com. On top of that you can access popular subreddits around cryptocurrency from reddit.com straight from the app!

👍🏼👎🏼 Heroes/Zeroes - here you can find the best (heroes) and worst (zeroes) performing coins. Coins with the biggest positive change on price are shown in the Heroes tab and coins with the biggest negative change are shown in the Zeroes tab. This feature comes handy when looking for interesting coins to invest or coins that you want to stay away from.

🆕 Recently Added - this tab shows all the new coins that have been added to the CoinMarketCap website and how many days ago each coin was added. You can sort the coins by date with ascending and descending order. This feature is currently on Beta version, you can sign up and get access to it earlier here.

🌍 Global Data - find useful information about the whole Crypto Market like the Total Market Cap, 24h volume of the market, number of active currencies and other. Also you can get a chart of the market and a Dominance pie chart that shows how much percentage is held by the most popular coins.

💱 Exchanges - this is a list of the most popular exchanges and their country. By clicking on an exchange you can transfer to the cryptocompare website for that exchange and by clicking the website icon you can transfer to the official website of the specific exchange.

📄 Initial Coin Offerings - here you can find Live, Upcoming and Finished ICOs. You can see a quick description of each one and the progress that they are on. Tapping on an ICO you will navigate to the IcoWatchList.com page for that specific ICO for more details and by clicking the ICO’s logo the official page is shown. On the header of this screen you can find useful links on general Statistics and Education around ICOs.

Mining Equipment - this tab is dedicated to mining enthusiasts! It lets you browse different mining rigs and collect useful information like buy price, hash rate, power consumption and others.

This was a general overview of all the features of the app so far. Of course don’t forget about the Subscriptions section where you can remove all ads.

This is it for now, I am leaving you with some links of our Social Media, Android and iOS version of the app!


Mr Dev from PrograMonks.

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