August Updates — Free Copying, New Charts & More!

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2 min readAug 5, 2022


We are excited to announce the release of another set of new features on Coinmatics — strategy free trials, new profit, max drawdown and risk charts, and premium online support! 🤩

Strategy Free Trials

🔥Strategy free trials feature enables our investors to copy a strategy at no cost during the first 30 days of copying!🔥

Simply subscribe to a strategy for free, see your first profit results after 30 days and decide whether to continue following this strategy. The number of strategies you can try out is unlimited — try several and pick up the best one for you! 🤩

Don’t waste your time, take advantage now:

View Strategies

For traders, the feature provides a great opportunity to attract new audiences to their strategy and gain more long-term subscribers:)

Learn more details about strategy free trials in the article.

Profit, Max Drawdown & Risk Level Charts

Now Coinmatics provides even more actionable information on traders’ performance!⚡

The new charts will help you estimate strategy efficiency in the long run and realize the current trading performance. With such understanding, you’ll be able to make decisions promptly. There are 3 new charts added:

1) The profit non-cumulative view allows you to see how many periods (day, weeks, etc) have been closed with profit or loss:

2) Max drawdown chart shows how the drawdown of the strategies is changed:

3) Risk chart shows the level of the strategy risk by months:

Online Tech Support

Online technical support is now available. Solve your problems and get answers to your questions from our specialists in real time! ⚡

Strategy free trials, new charts, and online tech support features are available only for Premium and Premium Ref users. If you’d like to upgrade your Coinmatics plan, you can do it from the Plans page. Also check this article to learn more about the plans.

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