How do traders earn money with Coinmatics?

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First of all, let’s understand the basic terms: Coinmatics, trader and subscriber.

Coinmatics is a crypto copy trading platform with crypto analytics.

On it experienced traders (sometimes called “exchange signals provider” or signal provider) can earn additional money by sharing their crypto orders with subscribers. Coinmatics receives information about orders on a trader’s exchange account via API key and transfers this information to the exchange accounts of subscribers via their created API keys to be copied there.

Subscribers (or copy traders), in their turn, get the ability to copy the orders from traders and succeed on the crypto market.

In this article we will discuss the way traders can earn on Coinmatics:

1. Sharing the signals with the Coinmatics users (public strategy)

The first way to earn money is to create a strategy that will be published in the strategy list —

During the strategy creation process the crypto trader sets the fees subscribers will pay for following their trading strategy and copying orders.

2. Private crypto copying community or private strategy

If a trader has a community and shares the signals for them to manually execute on exchange, there is an option to automate the process with Coinmatics.

The steps will be the same (and the same copy trading process) as for a public strategy but this kind of strategy will be hidden and available only for the trader’s community. Only a trader will be able to share the link. Other Coinmatics users won’t see the strategy without the link.

The payments are also set by traders during the strategy creation process.

3. Trust management

This option is similar to the private strategy, but the community trusts traders with their API keys and funds to manage copy trading on their behalf. As an advantage, subscribers don’t need to register their own Coinmatics accounts. This prevents them from subscribing to another strategy, as they won’t see other traders on Coinmatics platform.

The conditions and cost can be discussed with the Coinmatics team. Please send the request to with the subject “Trusted strategy type on Coinmatics” or fill in the form here: (Trusted -> Request information about trusted strategy).

4. Arbitrage

There is a list of the best offers on different exchanges. The arbitrage table represents best sell and buy prices to traders. It allows them to profit from the difference of the ask and bid prices.

Read more about the manual arbitrage here:

Interested in trying one of the options? Please contact us at email Coinmatics Support team will provide you with more details about the conditions and send you a guide on how to become a trader on Coinmatics.

Please note that the Coinmatics official website is only! Don’t use other websites with other domains! Coinmatics team does not contact users via social media accounts.




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