How do traders earn money with Coinmatics in numbers?

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Previously, we told you about the different ways you can start earning money and your opportunities as a trader on Coinmatics. If you have missed the article, please check it here:

It’s great to know the theory, but it’s time to be more specific about the profit.

Public and hidden (or private) strategy

As mentioned in the article below, the trader gets a fixed price for the ability to copy his/her strategy. For example, a trader sets the price of copying their orders at $20. Every 30 days after the subscriber’s payment, they will be credited to the Coinmatics balance and can be withdrawn in USDT.

Depending on the exchange balance, subscribers will pay the same price you set up, more or less. This is called a smart price. For example, if a subscriber’s balance increases due to the copied orders or a deposit, the set price will be multiplied by 1.5 or 2 x ($35–40). If you have poor results, the paid amount is reduced by 0.5 or 0.3 x.

Your payments depend on the profit your subscribers make.

As an example, we can consider one of the most popular strategies — Easy Futures. The price range is from $6 to $40 per 30 days. On February 14 there are 21 active copy traders on this strategy. The assets under management are 143 420 USDT (in equivalent), so in theory he can get from $126 to $804 (the fee of Coinmatics is not included yet). With the kangaroo market it’s a good profit result.

The details of the “Easy Futures” (February 14)

On the bull market, the best profit was with the price of copy trading — $35, with more than 1000 subscribers per month.

Subscribers mostly subscribe to strategies with good results. The more stable and less risky your strategy is, the more subscribers and the higher your earnings.

Referral program

If you already have customers who would like to copy you, invite them as referrals. Meet the requirements and receive 10 CMTS coins for each user you invite. This is equivalent to 10 USD. The earned coins can also be withdrawn in USDT on the level 2. Read more in the section: Referral Program — Coinmatics Knowledge Base.

To reach Level 2, you need to have 10 activated referrals. As a result, you will have 100 CMTS on your balance.

Trusted management

The subscriber’s payments are made outside of Coinmatics. You discuss how the subscribers will pay you and then connect their exchange wallet via API key to your strategy on Coinmatics. The platform receives the fixed price from you (per activated API key).

We do not require you to disclose the price that subscribers pay you for copy orders. It’s up to you what price to ask. Coinmatics team does not know the exact amount that the current traders (with trust management) are paid for their services.

If you would like to test how it works, please contact us and mention “Trusted strategy from Medium” to get the first month free.


Here is the example:

Arbitrage Page

As an example, let’s look at the trading pair NCT — USDT in the list. The Ask price (the lowest price at which the NCT coin can be bought) is 0.00904 on the Poloniex exchange, while the Bid price (the highest price at which the NCT coin can be sold) — 0.009831 on the Huobi exchange.

The spread is the difference between the buy and sell prices of the trading pair on the exchanges. It is 8.7500% in this particular example, it is 8.7500% that you can earn by trading. Fees are set by the exchanges where you choose to trade.

Manual Arbitrage is available on the Premium and Premium Ref plans.

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