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Five Reasons Why We Love San Diego

Zoos, Museums, and Beaches, Oh My! 5 Reasons Why San Diego Has a Special Place in Our Hearts

If you’re intrigued by cryptocurrency, interested in a convenient way to get into crypto and purchase bitcoin, or are curious about our ATMs, come check our machines out. We have ATMs all over the country, and they are located in some pretty great cities (and we’re expanding to more in the coming months).

As one of the fastest growing cities in the FinTech space, San Diego is one of our favorites. We have two locations in San Diego proper (at GJ Wireless and GameSync), the first bitcoin ATM in La Jolla as well as another location just north of town in Escondido. With so many kiosks in the area, we wanted to also share some of our favorite things to do when in town!

1. The San Diego Zoo

Image Credit: Matteo Ferrero

Voted as the best zoo in the world, the San Diego Zoo has a lot to offer. From a stunning flamingo pond to adorable pandas to an aerial tram where you can soar above the entire zoo, there are so many great animals to see here. The plus side is that the zoo is close to the downtown area, so you can squeeze in this fun activity at any point during the day.

2. Hotel del Coronado

If you’re a classic movie buff, the Hotel del Coronado is a fun historic place to visit for a stroll on the beach or for a leisurely lunch. This is the hotel where Some Like it Hot was filmed, and you can quite literally relax on the beach where Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis did. The sprawling sandy beach with the incredible ocean views are truly something else.

3. Balboa Park

Photo Credit:

Balboa Park has options for everyone with its museums, botanical garden, and California tower. With an Air and Space Museum, Museum of Art, and San Diego Natural History Museum — just to name a few — an entire day can be spent wandering through these various sites. And if you’re feeling ambitious, Balboa Park is in the same area as the San Diego Zoo, so you can make a day of it all.

4. La Jolla Cove

Photo Credit:

The La Jolla Cove is worth a visit every time. From breathtaking ocean views to the sea lions that flop around on rocks and the beach, there’s no better way to connect with nature. If you like salty breezes, sunshine, and feeling the sand beneath your toes, you’re in luck. We just added a Crypto ATM kiosk to the Westfield UTC, as well as in Escondido. We make it easy for you to enjoy yourself and purchase cryptocurrency.

5. Kit Carson Park

Our Crypto ATM kiosk in Escondido is less than a five minute drive from Kit Carson Park, a 285-acre park filled with walking and hiking trails, a 5-acre arboretum, picnic areas, tennis courts, and a sculpture garden. When in California, it’s hard to stay out of the sunshine. This park is perfect for those who want to relax or be active, with the added bonus of being conveniently located.

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Coinme is a venture-backed crypto financial services and blockchain technology company that is dedicated to helping the world gain access to virtual currency.

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Coinme is a venture-backed crypto financial services and blockchain technology company that is dedicated to helping the world gain access to virtual currency.

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