Introducing CGM…

To help develop the early-stage blockchain projects, CoinMex has decided to launch the sub-brand “CGM” (Crypto Growth Market). Projects can quickly get their tokens listed via filling in the information and applying the automated listing. CoinMex will not judge the project value but disclose the comprehensive project information in a transparent way. We will adopt the leading AI analysis technology to present more information about these blockchain projects to users and execute the board transfer or delisting based on clear rules.

Stay tuned for more updates on CGM.

About CoinMex

CoinMex focuses on user requirements, and strives to establish a diversified product matrix and provides targeted solutions for different scenarios, thus CoinMex has been working on creating greater values for the entire industry through continuously optimizing its products. Currently, CoinMex has completed angel round investment and raised 100 million yuan, Fenbushi Capital (subsidiary of GF Network) and Huobi Ecology Fund (subsidiary of Huobi) are the leading investors, while BKFUND is the following investor.

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