3 Reasons Why I Am Leaving Crypto Now

And why you should consider leaving the industry too

Jia Yung Lee
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6 min readFeb 6, 2020


Image taken from pixabay

Are you working full-time in Crypto? As someone who has been in the space for close to two years, I think it may be time for you to consider calling it quits for now.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe Crypto will play a prominent role in shaping many industries, most notably finance. I find that most people can agree on that, apart from the minority do not see a shred of value in Crypto and Blockchain.

However, the main questions are when and at what level will Crypto change our lives?

Crypto die-hards by and large believe it will be within the next 2 years when regulation is clear, financial institutions will see Crypto as a legitimate asset class and a global recession will drive retail investors to invest in Bitcoin as a hedge.

When that happens, the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket to six figures and one of the Blockchain protocols will experience a breakthrough in user adoption.

However, I find that to be too simplistic and even delusional.

As much as I want to see the mass adoption of Crypto, embracing reality is still the first step to producing positive results.