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5 Success Factors for a Crypto Exchange to Make Money

Building a Crypto Exchange is Not an Easy Task

1. Security: the core crypto value

2. Flexibility: the more assets the better

3. Easy-of-use: good UX and simple registration

  • The user should be able to sign up with only a few personal details. Ideally, they should be able to fill out the form in less than 30 seconds. The more information you ask for on signup, the longer it’ll take users to complete the process and get their accounts set up.
  • The registration process should be quick and easy or, if possible, even not exist. Users shouldn’t have any trouble filling out forms or providing information that is specific only to them (e.g., their email address). In fact, these elements should feel like part of an onboarding flow rather than separate steps within an onboarding flow because they are just as important as other pieces of data like name and ID number when it comes time for KYC checks later on down the line.

4. Reliability: stable and fast service

5. High-level service: quality support team

How to Enhance These Factors with One Solution?

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