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640 Cryptocurrency projects did not publish any code in 2019

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This week, we have analyzed more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and found that 640 cryptocurrencies did not publish a single line of code in 2019. The combined market cap of these cryptocurrencies is more than $400 million. Read the complete findings here.

Dolomite launching Today

After more than 1.5 years of development efforts, our friends at Dolomite are launching their Decentralized exchange. Dolomite is the first DEX to offer negative maker fees. Read more about the launch here.

“An integral part of any best friend’s job is to immediately clear your computer history if you die.” — Darynda Jones

Stories of the week 👇 👇

Stories for money nerds

1- Revisiting PlanB’s Bitcoin Scarcity Model with a higher time resolution by InTheLoop

2- Business modeling in the Bitcoin Lightning Network Ecosystem by Federico Spitaleri

3- Bitcoin price chart could hold a key to an undiscovered fundamental economics law by Takashi Hagimoto

Stories for tech nerds

1- How DApp users can interact with your Smart Contracts with ZERO ETH by Lukas Lukac

2- A Basic Introduction to Bitcoin Transactions by Edoardo Barp

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