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8.Finance raised $215k in the Seed round!

8.Finance is an educational and marketing platform with a simple “Snake for Crypto” game that aims to onboard the next billion crypto users and educate them to make their path smooth and safe.

It is the second investor of the project. The previous investor bought our tokens at the Pre-Seed round for $300k. So, we have already raised $515k in total so far, and continue fundraising.

The website of 8.Finance was nominated for 3 international design awards (FWA, AWWWARDS, and CSS Design Awards), they have elaborate tokenomics with a deflationary and ultra-utility token, and an MVP of a free-to-play snake-like game that helps to attract users thanks to its simplicity.

Tokenomics was developed together with the team.

Smart contract of token was audited by Paladin — one of the most well known smart contracts auditors on the market.

8.Finance team is very concerned about safety and will order another audit by Mundus Security — a solidity cybersecurity firm with $200m TVL secured.

8.Finance was invited to the BNB Chain’s (that is the chain of Binance) gas incentive program and received a $50k grant from Polygon DAO to scale to the Polygon chain. We have already held several in-game Airdrops and Tournaments for our partners.

Now 8.Finance is being incubated by — a market maker and incubator, guiding the projects from the very early stages to securing deals with the VCs, listing on top-tier exchanges and gaining mass adoption.

Find more information about the project on their website and linktree.

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The 8 Finance

8.Finance is an educational platform with a simple game that helps everyone easily get into Crypto: for free, without any knowledge and risks