A stroll through the history of the Nouns DAO Treasury

We’ll dive into income, expenses, book value + I’ll highlight the most interesting props thru the DAO’s 1+ year history. If u’ve ever wondered what DAO does with its funds, u’ll enjoy this.

If you’re not familiar with the history and mechanics behind @nounsdao feel free to read my tweet from a couple weeks back.


But if you’re ready, then let’s get dirtyBut if you’re ready, then let’s get dirty 👇

We’ll start with some basic stats on the evolution of the Treasury.

Total Auction Income (Daily Sales of NFTs): 42,860 ETH

Total Expenses (subtracting refunds and stETH income): 13,840 ETH

Yesterday Treasury: ~29,020

This includes stETH and the new USDC payments contract.

I had never seen a graph showing the evolution of income and expenses and the gap between the two, so I crunched the numbers and got this.

Treasury ATH: 29,579 ETH

I was also curious about Noun Book Value (NBV), that is how much each Noun is backed by, and how that value has evolved through time. I got this. NBV ATH (not counting first couple days): 143 ETH

Current NBV: 53.77 ETH

Recent Average Auction Price (last 5 days): 28.76 ETH

Now we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the proposals (props). First, some interesting stats:

Most Valuable Prop: 1,500 ETH — Lido ETH Staking (2 occurrances) https://nouns.wtf/vote/22 https://nouns.wtf/vote/30

Total Props: 181

Cancelled Props: 18

Defeated Props: 22/163 = 13.5%

Of those props that have passed and been executed:

49 are still a work in progress

3 status uncertain or abandoned

1,445 ETH total given to charity

111 delivered Many completed props have been for nounish marketing, others have built nice tools

Some of these are…

Proposal Dashboard by @matyETH where you can find details on each on-chain, @nounsprophouse, @NounsGrants props, along with followups and updates on deliverables of each.


Nouns Agora, by Nouner @zhayitong that is the start of a great governance dashboard where you can visualize who Nouners are delegating to, delegate and Nouner voting records profiles.

Prop House, which serves as a central place for many DAOs to run multisig-based NFT-based voting props that allows for more agile funding.

Nouns Builder, which enables anybody to 1-click-deploy a Nounish DAO. We are using this platform to deploy the Panama DAO, pre-seed funded by @nounsprophouse, coming soon.

Noun O’Clock app, which allows for richer visualizations, data, and interactions during the last minutes of Nouns auctions. Grab a cup of coffee & open Noun O’Clock, while you listen to @toady_hawk & @manofmissle host @thenounsquare every day.


Noun O’ Talk, hosted by @cdt_eth which is a monthlyish Nounish podcast where you can hear about what Nouners are working on. I recommend listening to these two episodes at the very least, with guests @punk4156 & @punk4464:



Federation, which is the first framework for inter-DAO voting, enabling things like @lilnounsdao to transition from off-chain voting to straight-up on-chain voting with their Nouns on Nouns Props.

Nouns Terminal, which allows for advanced stock-market like data visualizations of past and live auctions.

For more projects launched from Nouns props, check out @nounslaunchpad & @NounsCenter (by @cdt_eth)


For info on the most interesting props I curated, continue reading here on my Twitter thread:

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Early. Ethereum dev and founder @nft_registry . Podcast host @0xCryptoLatinos . Business director. Former ios dev & satcom engineer. @GeorgiaTech ee & @mit

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Adam Ξisenman | DigitalOil.nftr

Early. Ethereum dev and founder @nft_registry . Podcast host @0xCryptoLatinos . Business director. Former ios dev & satcom engineer. @GeorgiaTech ee & @mit