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ADA struggling to reach its psychological resistance

Should we hold or sell?

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Another week, another downside in the crypto market, though now I don’t feel it, it just goes up or down, if you’re not into derivatives, then probably you should not be concerned much because these are simple falls. It's okay for a correction to happen, it signifies that the market is mature.

We just want ADA to go up to $2.4, only then can we see ADA at $3 this year, but according to my analysis, ADA can be worth more than $10 at the end of this year. Though the probability is significantly reduced for this to happen, still there is a probability.

Check this blog, to get more clarity:

In this blog, I have discussed the probability of ADA at $10, I have mentioned a chart that maybe helps you to get the clarity, for better understanding, let me get this chart here.

Chart by Trading View

As you can see in the Chart, $2.4 is the range which we should look out for. Recently, ADA touches $2.4, but due to huge resistance, it falls since then, so we should hope that ADA crosses $2.4 levels, then we can see a huge upside.

Let’s hope for the Best.

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