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Airbnb May Accept Bitcoin Cash As Payment Method In 2022

Adoption Through Payment Processors

While Airbnb has not yet announced details, compared to the alternatives, Bitcoin Cash is one of the best options available.

Bitcoin Cash Institutional and Retail Interest is on the Rise

Perhaps many outside of the Bitcoin Cash community have not noticed the fact that Bitcoin Cash is an excellent prospect for investors, and a payment method is always contained in the top options when crypto is examined.

  • Grayscale (USA): (BCHG — GBTC — ETHE — LTCN — ETCG) (read more)
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (USA): (BCH — BTC — ETH — ETC) (read more)
  • SBI Holdings (Japan): (XRP — BCH — BTC — ETH — LTC) (read more)
  • Rakuten (Japan): (BCH — BTC — ETH) (read more)
  • 21 Shares (EU): (BCH — BTC — ETH) (read more)
  • Interactive Brokers (USA): (BCH — BTC — ETH — LTC) (read more)
  • AMC Theaters — Bitpay (USA) (BCH — BTC — ETH — Shiba) (read more)
  • PayPal (USA & UK currently): (BCH — BTC — ETH — LTC) (source)
  • Bancolombia (Colombia): (BCH — BTC — ETH — LTC) (read more)
  • Newegg — Bitpay (BCH — BTC and more) (source)

In Conclusion: Bitcoin Cash Is The Best Choice

Consuming rational behavior suggests the preference will always be on cost-effective and instant transaction mechanisms. BTC and Ethereum have long lost these features and users would prefer paying with fiat instead of transitioning to a payment method that demands $100 fees per transaction.

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