Mercury retrograde — Applying astrology into cryptocurrency trading


paul arssov
Oct 10, 2019 · 5 min read

Requirement: If the word astrology triggers strong judgments, please suspend them until you read the article completely.

The article mixes astronomy, astrology, technical analysts and fundamental analysis of cryptocurrency charts. In short — astronomy deals with the movements of planets, stars, galaxies. Astrology deals with beliefs about the influence of planets and constellations on us — humans. Technical analysis looks at the price movements of a stock or a crypto-coin. And, fundamental analysis oversees the news and the substance of an asset, business or a project related to a stock, or a crypto-coin.

The article investigates the time correlation between an event known in astrology — “Mercury retrograde” and pricing and volume movement in one specific cryptocurrency Bitcoin against US dollar.

Whether it is just a coincidence or there is an actual influence of the celestial movements in the way of trading of cryptocurrency it is up to you — the reader to decide.

What is “Mercury retrograde”?

The planet Mercury rotates once in 87.9 Earth days around the Sun, and the Earth and Mercury move both in the same direction around Sun. However, as Mercury moves faster around the Sun compared to Earth it may appear that Mercury is slowing down, then moving backward, then speeding up — taken from our Earth’s point of view.

The period of time of perceived slowing/going backward/speeding movement is labeled in astrology as ‘Mercury retrograde’. This event happens around 3 times for one rotation of the Earth around Sun (an Earth year).

The full retrograde period is around 8 weeks and includes around 2 weeks of ‘pre-shadow’ phase, around 4 weeks ‘retrograde’ phase, and around 2 weeks of ‘post-shadow’ phase.

According to ancient Roman mythology, Mercury was a god of not only financial gain and luck but also trickery and thieves.

In astrology, the Mercury retrograde phase is famous for inattention to detail, wrong assumptions as well as errors in communication. Most of these are initiated by a person in the ‘pre-shadow’ phase, carried and done in the ‘retrograde’ phase and then the person bears the consequences in the ‘post-shadow’ phase.

One presentation that I did hear stated that re-trogrades of planets are a good time not for actions but for doing most things with ‘re-…’ as in — re-flection, re-thinking, re-evaluation… etc.

2017 Mercury retrogrades on a chart

The year 2017 was very significant for crypto-currency trading because during the second half of the year almost all cryptocurrencies did reach the highest valuations ever.

Please note the 2017 chart of the BTC-USD pair where the upper part shows the price movement with a green color candle for rising price and red for the declining price, and the lower part shows the volume movement, with green color bar for buying dominating and red for selling dominating.

The chart has additional marking as follows — the ‘pre-shadow’ periods (yellow line to red line), the ‘retrograde’ periods (between red lines), and ‘post shadow’ periods (red line to yellow line).

— — pre-shadow — — retrograde — — — post-shadow.. 2017.. large view

  • Jul 24 — Aug 12… Aug 13 — Sep 5…..Sep 6 — Sep 19
  • Nov 15 — Dec 1.. ..Dec 2 — Dec 23…… Dec 24 — Jan 10

As displayed, the chart shown in both events continuous price increases a little before and during the pre-shadow, and a price decrease during or after the post-shadow.

2019 Mercury retrogrades on a chart

The year 2019 is significant for crypto-currency trading because of the end and exit from the ‘crypto-winter’ which occurred in 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

— — pre-shadow — — retrograde — — — post-shadow… 2019… large view

  • Feb 19 — Mar 5…..Mar 6 — Mar 28….. Mar 29 — Apr 16
  • Jun 20 — Jul 7…… Jul 8 — Aug 1…….. Aug 2 — Aug 15
  • Oct 11 — Oct 30….. Oct 31 — Nov 20….Nov 21 — Dec 7 (upcoming)

The first event — the Feb-Mar 2019 pre-shadow event was preceded by a long period of prices staying about the same with very little up/down movement. At the beginning of the event and during post-shadow events there are 2 significant price up-ticks and a small down-tick around the end of the post-shadow.

And, the second event on the chart shows continuous price increases a little before and during the pre-shadow, and a price decrease during or after the post-shadow, similar to the 2017 retrograde events.

The next and upcoming Mercury retrograde event is — Oct 11th to Dec 7th 2019. What is your prediction of the price movement of crypto-currencies before/during/after the retrograde?

What other astrologically significant events are there?

Mercury retrogrades are the second most frequent astrologically significant events. The most frequent astrologically significant events occurring are the Moon phases — new Moon to full Moon. Planet Venus retrograde event lasts approximately 40 days and occurs every 18 months.

The other planets in the solar system — Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune… are further away from the Sun than the Earth. As these planets move there are times when they get closer or further away from the Earth — as measured by a straight line between Earth and the specific planet. During these times, according to astrology, the planets do their specific and unique influences on people.

In the past, most trading on financial markets was done by professional traders. Most likely a fraction of these traders did choose to find and use the information about astrologically significant events in their everyday trading.

With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, a new market of crypto-trading was created, where most of the traders are first-time or small scale, non-professional traders.

This article and upcoming ‘astrologically’ related articles reveal and bring secret or obscured tools for making trading decisions in the hands of the masses of ordinary crypto-traders.


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