AVAX Conspiracy

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2 min readAug 29, 2022


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Crypto Leaks just released its 3rd case on Ava Labs attacking competitors through lawsuits. But the CEO has dismissed the allegations as a conspiracy theory. So what has happened?

What is AVAX?

AVAX is short for Avalanche, an alternative to Ethereum with a fast, low-cost, and eco-friendly protocol. AVAX focuses on Dapps and Defi ecosystem to provide possible multi-chains to connect with other blockchain protocols.

What is up with the leak?

Ava Labs beefs up with Roche Freedman LLP to sue every competitor if possible.

The strategy Roche Freedman did are:

1) use the American legal system — gangster style — to attack and harm crypto organizations and projects that might compete with Ava Labs or Avalanche in some way,

2) sue crypto industry actors generally with the aim of creating magnets for regulators such as the SEC and CFTC that distract them from the highly commercial nature of Ava Labs and the Avalanche blockchain, and

3) secretly pursue Emin Gün Sirer’s personal vendettas against individuals.

The business is working like:

Ava Labs CEO provided AVAX tokens to exchange for Roche Freedman’s “legal services.”

Ava Labs harvests confidential information to a law firm (Roche Freedman) to exchange their competition edge, harm competition, and fool regulators.

Cornell “Professor”

Ava Labs CEO Emin Gün Sirer claimed to be a Cornell professor. But, unfortunately, he is probably another psychopathy, followed by Craig Weight.

He was law up a while ago: