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BingX Launches a New Spot Grid Copy Trading System

Anyone can use Spot Grid Copy Trading to execute consistent trading strategies.

ingX, the largest crypto social trading platform, has added a new Spot Grid Copy Trading tool to its platform, giving users unparalleled flexibility.

What is Spot Grid Copy Trading, and how does it work?

As the name implies, the strategy combines the advantages of Grid and Copy trading, employing professional traders’ strategies to profit from crypto asset volatility. Grid trading works in a similar way to providing liquidity on AMM DEXs in that it sets up gradual buy and sell orders in a predefined price range. Users can profit reliably from price variations as long as the price oscillates inside the band.

Professional traders build the strategies, which are then scrutinised by BingX. The inventor of the plan will receive up to 8% of the revenues of the followers, incentivizing them to be as efficient and productive as possible. Users can choose from a variety of methods, which can be compared based on investment amounts, past returns, expected annualised returns, and other factors.

BingX offers a product called Spot Grid Imitate Trading, which allows regular investors to copy traders’ spot grid strategies and participate in spot market arbitrage.

They encourage successful spot trading users to seek for Trader status so that they can assist other users in arbitraging and earning commissions through Spot Grid Copy Trading, resulting in a win-win situation.

Spot Grid Copy Trading

Spot Grid Copy Trading is very useful for new crypto users because it is simple to set up and forget. In a flat range market like the one in early 2022, constant income can be extremely important.

“We are really pleased to announce the launch of our Spot Grid Copy Trading feature. We pledged to provide new cutting-edge capabilities to our users throughout 2022, and we are following through on that commitment. In an industry where innovation is at an all-time high, BingX’s ability to stay competitive through innovation is critical. Our product and marketing teams have been working hard behind the scenes to provide greater value to traders, with the spot trading arena serving as the focal point. We also recognise that being a first mover in the sector has a number of benefits, which we intend to take advantage of. Users should keep an eye out for more spot trading pairs, as well as other novel BingX products.” — Elvisco, BingX Public Relations & Communications Director.

Over 300 spot cryptocurrencies have already been listed on BingX, including Ape Coin, Chainlink, Shakita, STAKE, CVX, and IDEX, with plans in the works to improve the spot investment experience for customers.

BingX Trader’s Guide

Join the Traders’ Club and try out some new features.

1. Either manually or using the system default strategy, create a new grid trading strategy.

Note: The algorithm will suggest the strategy’s minimum investment based on the grid specifications.

2. By default, the trader agrees to share grid strategy and is entitled to 8% of the profit made by the follower.

3. When the follower closes the replicated grid order, the profit share will be settled. To monitor your winnings, go to “Share Trading,” and after 15 minutes, the strategy will no longer be visible in the Spot Grid list.

4. Disclose how much money you made from your grid method.

Using Feed and other social media to actively communicate your trading method can help you earn more followers.

5. How can I join the Spot Grid list?

100 USDT in investments
0 percent annualised yield for your spot grid strategy
The strategy must last more than a single day.

Follower’s Guide


BingX is a worldwide digital asset, spot, and derivatives trading platform that offers a user-centric and open ecosystem with easy social trading features. It was founded in 2018. BingX is a safe, dependable, and user-friendly platform for users to trade their preferred assets. It was created to benefit the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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