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BitBox02 Review 2021 | Your Swiss Bitcoin Hardware Wallet


  • Shift CryptoSecurity manufactures Bitbox wallets in Switzerland.
  • The wallets have a simple and elegant design. They use intuitive touch sliders and do not have any buttons.
  • The wallets have a USB-C port attached to the device and are also compatible with USB-A.
  • Bitbox supports over 1500 cryptocurrencies.
  • BitBox offers two options for backup- an SD card and a Steel wallet apocalypse-proof backup.
  • Bitbox signs the secure chips to prevent any physical tampering. They use various measures to ensure that the device is entirely safe.
  • They provide an easy to use and user-friendly interface.

BitBox02 Review: Physical Appearance

  • BitBox02 wallets use polycarbonate material. They are tough and durable.
  • The device does not have any buttons.
  • The design is sleek and minimalist.
  • The sensors are built-in around its edges.
  • The device has a card slot where to insert a micro SDCard for backup.
  • Tap — Navigate and Select
  • Slide — To verify your address.
  • Hold- It avoids any accidental transaction.



BitBox02 Cryptocurrency support


BitBox02 Review: Security

User Experience

BitBox02 Pricing

Customer Support

BitBox02 Review: Pros and Cons


  1. A Reputed firm Shift CryptoSecurity has developed the wallets.
  2. The wallet is easy to set up.
  3. The BitBox application is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  4. They use various measures to ensure the security of the device.
  5. They offer Universal Two Factor (U2F) support.
  6. Robust backup options are also available.


  1. Limited cryptocurrencies are supported.
  2. The screen size is small.

BitBox02 Review: Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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