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Bitcoin has been rejected again as it attempted to turn $42,000 zone into support. Bitcoin has a ton of resistance in this area. Bitcoin does have two very nice support levels in this higher low areas of $38,100 to $38,600. Ideally if Bitcoin can hold above these support levels turn $42,000 into a support level and blast through $46,000 we would have a 67% or higher chance of rejection before $48,000.

After we officially make support out of the $40,000 to $50,000 zones. Bitcoins next major resistance level would be $52,000 to $54,000.

Other Cryptocurrencies in the World

XRP Ripples CEO claiming that Biden’s Executive order could grant clarity to XRP ahead of courts.

I thought that article by CNBC was pretty interesting, however judging based upon performance of Biden. I’d say he isn’t going to delay making changes to laws in order to support cryptocurrencies. Given his current approval rating being below 15% Biden will need some thing major to help stand against anyone else.

Crypto is an increasing topic in the United States. It seems like just a couple years ago when I would bring up crypto people would laugh and say some thing along the lines of, that crypto stuff will never take off. Now the ones with a brain that can think for themselves have seen enough evidence that I along with millions of like minded individuals have been correct this whole time.

After all, we was just letting the uninformed know the future direction of the World. Unfortunately when you have something as big as Crypto taking over the World’s Technology. You will have those low life individuals whom love to pop up with meme tokens that have quadrillions of quadrillions in supply.

They dump them for as much money as they can raise than cash out, abandoning the holders whom lose nearly everything before they realize what has happened. Than we have another group of meme coins that launch with an awesome ideal and just don’t get the support needed to succeed, whether that be in community interaction or development.

When looking at the now Ocean of Crypto available it can become mind boggling when deciding where to diversify your investments. Maybe you are even possibly looking for that gem like Shiba. I know I have been really lucky with Shiba, Yooshi, Elon, XRP, XLM, UNI and HOT.

Shiba by far has been the largest Crypto return I have had thus far, but what did all of those crypto projects have in common? I actually spent time doing research to decided if I should invest in them. I had a theory that most accounts on social media pumping certain tokens were just trying to scam people.

I was right. I invested a decent amount of money that I was comfortable riding to zero in some of the hottest Social Media Crypto’s at the time. Guess what, with the exception of Shiba and Yooshi which I was previously vested into. The results proved to me that taking advice from Social Media sites that full of Bots that spam post every where to make certain Crypto’s trend is a scheme.

Now I still stand behind the real Scam artist being the owners of the social media sites. The Elites. They have to find ways to rob everyone. I give exceptions to one whom has done a lot for Human Kind, Elon Mush. Unlike Bill Gates whom along with Moderna and the Lab in China are responsible for wrecking our lives and prematurely taking a lot of our loved ones from us.


Shiba was a project that was kept so quiet in the beginng. I tried to get it out to as many people as possible. However no one really wanted to listen about Shiba until it was at $5 per million. However Shiba wanted to make a decentralized meme token that had it’s own exchange. Also Shiba and Doge were so similar at the time, but Shiba was a Trend starter and it God Blessed Me with that foresight. I also researched it the best I could.


When I first bought some Yooshi I saw the character, the name and thought I can’t pass this up. So, I bout a couple hundred million for practically nothing. I started to do my due diligence in doing my own research. I quickly found out that Yooshi was to be yet another Meme Coin that actually serves an ecosystem.

Yooshi Farms, Yooshi NFT’s, Yooshi Games. Yooshi has the potential to leave Shiba in the rear view in this next cycle.


Okay, you caught me. I bought 500 million Elon, along with 500 million AstroElon that I sold when BitBoy announced he had bought so many. I waited for it to tank and bought it back again. Anyways back to Elon. I still haven’t researched this project. The correlation between Elon Musk and the token Elon was enough to invest for me. Obviously not the worse two decisions I have ever made.


XRP was one of the first Crypto Currencies that really got me passionate about crypto reshaping the World’s Economy. Along with XLM. I done enough research on both and I still try to stay up to date on both of these as I am vested in them. I seen the trajectory they was on at under .10 now XRP is fighting to go above .75 and XLM is most likely at around .19 right now.


Hot has done amazingly great this cycle. Hot actually done .02 higher than I had anticipated before the start of the Bull Cycle. The only reason I didn’t see it going that high was the amount of work the development team has left to do on HOT. HOT is aiming at being it’s own Blockchain a.k.a. Holochain. Holochain goes above and beyond the Crypto blockchain when it comes to programing on top of blockchain. Holochain being written for that sole purpose.

I have been vested in Hot for almost 5 years now. I still continue staking HOT on Bitrue as it is the easiest option for me and I have earned thousand of HOT in return.

Wrap It Up!

Now, when we start looking back at all of my previous investments I start to see a pattern emerge with some. A catchy name. Then when you dig you find actual use cases. These use cases have to be realistic, unlike Dogezilla with such an awesome name and a really cool design.

Who wants to use a Dogezilla Vault? I know I wouldn’t ever put my crypto in to a vault created by a meme coin. I am vested in Dogezilla because of the name and image. I have a decent amount of Dogezilla and when I hit my target amount I plan on launching my own project using Dogezilla. Spoiler Alert, I was planning on doing to the same with Holochain, but holochain is still under development.

I get side tracked a lot. Anyways, I don’t want to be that guy that calls out a bottom wrongly, but… Folks, it is starting to look like we are bottoming out before another leg up in the crypto market pending World Crisis Intervention. Now, I want you to understand that when I say we are Bottoming, a lot of crypto currencies are starting to gain major support at these bottoms already, we could still see another leg down and some crypto could see a few more leg downs while everything else starts to move upwards.

The worse case Bitcoin scenario has a ton of resistance against it. Which is looking even more promising. However I had predicted already that Bitcoin would reenter it’s downtrend by Monday. We are see some major volatility which indicates that it is still going back towards a downtrend.

Later today I will be releasing an article on what I think will be the next major Gem!

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