Bitcoin Gains Momentum: Anticipated Growth for VC Spectra and Solana Ahead of Christmas 2023

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As the market moves on from a long period of low activity, the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is staging a meteoric comeback. Due to the impact of Bitcoin as a bellwether cryptocurrency, experts are seeing potential levels to expect VC Spectra (SPCT) and the Solana SOL crypto price before Christmas.

Let us find out what analysts expect of these top crypto coins.


CryptoQuant asserted that Bitcoin will continue rising and expects it to reach $50,000 by Christmas.

VC Spectra (SPCT) is in the fifth stage of its presale, bringing it closer to the end of this phase.

Solana investors expect SOL to hit $70 before the end of 2023.

CryptoQuant Predicts Bitcoin Touching $50,000

Due to the building optimism surrounding the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, coupled with the entry of the long-anticipated bull market, BTC has experienced a major price increase. The latest rise has seen Bitcoin reclaim the $44,000 level on December 5. With this remarkable turnout, market players are confident that BTC will maintain its current trajectory.

In response, crypto analytic platform CryptoQuant has suggested that Bitcoin is far from letting up. They predict that by December 7, BTC will reach 50,000 before Christmas and $53,000 at the start of 2024. This is based on the current Bitcoin dominance metric.

Bitcoin is up 8.47% from $39,972 on December 4 to $43,359 on December 7. Based on CryptoQuant’s prediction, BTC would increase by 15% to $50,000. Based on this, BTC might be a good crypto to buy before Christmas.

VC Spectra Price Prediction: Can SPCT Complete Its Presale Before Christmas?

VC Spectra (SPCT) is a new Defi coin making waves in the crypto space due to its price outlook and unmatched prospects. It raised $2.4 million during its private seed sale, making it one of the most successful projects in the DeFi ecosystem. Based on this, VC Spectra has established itself and set a record with massive adoption ongoing among institutional investors.

As a decentralized hedge fund, VC Spectra introduces blockchain enthusiasts to numerous profitable investment opportunities with minimal risks. The platform allows users to gain exposure to emerging projects with the help of venture capitalists who guide the selection process. This helps users to select the optimum options while safeguarding their funds.

VC Spectra also offers decentralized trading and asset management services. Holding SPCT, the native token of VC Spectra, attracts rewards such as quarterly dividends, buybacks, access to new ICOs, and voting rights, which can be exercised in the protocol’s governance. VC Spectra is in the fifth stage of its public presale, with the DeFi coin price at $0.077.

At the current rate of SPCT accumulation, VC Spectra might round off its presale before Christmas, with an exchange listing happening sooner rather than later. This projection makes VC Spectra (SPCT) the best cryptocurrency to buy before the end of 2023.

Solana (SOL) Investors Eye $70

Top altcoins like Solana (SOL) initiated an uptrend after Bitcoin (BTC) set the stage for a market-wide rally. Solana (SOL) easily tapped into this momentum due to its potential for significant growth. As the SOL crypto price increases, investors speculate about the possibility of Solana hitting $70.

On December 7, Data Insight, a data analytic firm, reported that Solana’s active wallets rose to 400,000, putting a small distance between itself and Ethereum (ETH). The increase in active wallets reflects the rising adoption of the Solana network and its native currency, SOL. It shows that users are developing renewed interest in exploring Solana’s DeFi and NFT capabilities, which could impact the SOL crypto price.

Per market data, Solana (SOL) rose 7.99% from $62.99 to $68.01 between December 4 and December 7. Having analyzed SOL, experts noted in their Solana price prediction that the coin will hit $70 in the coming days. This jump will see SOL increase in value by 2.92%.

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