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Bitcoin is the Star World Shortcut (English)

Sound money explained for old school gamers

Used to play Super Mario World (SMW) on the SNES, but don’t understand Bitcoin? Then this article is for you. Just as Star World was a shortcut by Nintendo for the digital world, Bitcoin is a shortcut by Satoshi for the real world. With less time, faster to the final boss. Game Over!

Star Road: Een shortcut naar de eindbaas

When you start with SMW you go through the world level by level. You make it to the castles, but your princess is in another castle. It can take you weeks to eventually reach Bowser and save your girl, because that’s what we do all this for. But maybe you don’t even get that far and you smash your joystick on the floor halfway through the game.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to work so hard. And that you can marry your princess in half an hour. Sounds unimaginable at first, but after you make your first teleport to Star Road, you’re on the digital highway. Fifteen minutes later you have found the backdoor to Bowser’s castle and the game is over.

Bitcoin is the Star Road naar de Back Door. Easypeasy!

In the game world this is possible. It’s digital. Shit can be done better and faster here. But it is now also possible in the real world, meatspace, the game of life itself. Some have gone before you and shared their knowledge on how to do this. Now it’s up to you to finish your game faster.

Bitcoin: Satoshi’s Shortcut

Satoshi Nakamoto created money in cyberspace in 2009. Because this money only lives in the digital domain, it has 3 special properties. Features it could never have in the real world:

  1. Transactions at lightspeed
  2. Absolute scarcity
  3. Immortality

Funny enough, in the digital world where you can copy infinitely, Satoshi has discovered how to make something there that can never be copied and where one line of code determines the maximum amount of Bitcoins: 21 million.

This rule is where the hardest and best money in the world was forged. This is in stark contrast to our contemporary paper money. More fiat money is created every month, causing it to lose value. Bitcoin fixes this by having a finite supply, a deflationary coin. As more and more goods and services will enter the economy, you can buy more and more with Bitcoin.

Compare it to the 90’s where computers kept getting cheaper and better. With Bitcoin, this applies to everything you want to buy. Prices are falling for the Bitcoiner. To the no-coiner (someone who doesn’t have Bitcoin yet) this looks like Bitcoin is getting more and more expensive.

Bitcoin is Time
Money is your battery in which you store your work. You can at a later point exchange this energy for someone else’s work. But the purchasing power of that battery depends on how much battery other players have. And in the meatspace game there’s a player who can charge his battery infinitely and for free. This player has hacked the meatspace game at the expense of other players. In short, this means that you will lose your time and you’ll need more time to complete the game of life.

Star Road in SMW is a shortcut. It will save you time to get to the final boss. Bitcoin is Satoshi’s Shortcut and saves you time in real life. Bitcoiners store their worked time in a coin that cannot be diluted, because no one can adjust the 21 million limit. Perhaps that’s also the allure of Speedrunning in gaming. There is a human drive to finish games faster than you thought possible through hacks. The same is true in real life.

Bitcoin is a Speedrun

Besides the fact that the 21 million is hard coded, Bitcoin is also immortal. It’s like being Mario and grabbing a star all the time. No one can hurt you and you race through everything. Bitcoin is comparable to Bittorrent, a decentralized network that runs on thousands of PCs around the world. It is not a company with an office. As a result, governments have not been able to stop the free distribution of films and music. It lives in cyberspace and is therefore unbeatable. Nothing has been able to stop Bittorrent. And nothing is going to kill Bitcoin because it similarly decentralized.

Others have gone before you

Perhaps you know Didi Taihuttu? He’s that Dutch Bitcoiner who sold his house and went all-in on the coin. The media made it seem like this was an exceptional case, but there are a lot of Didis in this world. All these people saw that this was the shortcut they were looking for in real life and made the inevitable all-in move after studying it well.
I am one of them. Many preceded me. Maybe I saw it because I used to be a Super Mario gamer. It’s knowing the rules of the game and bending them to your will.

The analog world is becoming more and more digital. This gives the real world more and more characteristics of the game world. Money has now acquired superpowers in the form of Bitcoin. It has therefore become fast as light, super scarce and immortal. That’s why it’s going to win.
This is the gold rush of this century and you can take advantage of it. Take the shortcut that Satoshi Nakamoto made for you and win the game.

Good luck!

Game Over! You win!



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