Bitcoin Lake — Phase One



The Big Picture — Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

Well, we are about to begin this awesome journey together! If you haven’t read the previous article you can find it here. The next article in the series is here.

The success of Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte, El Salvador was in large part due to an anonymous donor who wanted to implement a Bitcoin circular economy combined with Roman Martinez’s local knowledge and love for the community.

Bitcoin lake is beginning with my family’s passion for Panajachel, Guatemala with the Lord providing connections.

Goals for phase 1:

  1. Create a Bitcoin aware community and a Bitcoin circular economy.
  2. Teach children (and a limited number of adults) at Centro Educative Josue about Bitcoin, lightning, running a node. Additional computer skills will likely and naturally follow. The ages of the children will be 12–16+.
  3. Begin a cleaning project for Lake Atitlan. This will be the initial way in which children earn money to start a circular economy. We will develop a theme around this project “My Lake, My Pride, My Home! Bitcoin Fixes This! Mi Lago, Mi Orgullo, Mi Casa! Bitcoin Soluciona Esto!
  4. Recruit business and service providers to start adopting Bitcoin.


Nancy Cifuentes, the headmaster of the school, is ready to move forward with the plan once the new school year in Guatemala begins in early January.

Over the course of the winter and spring (2022), Bitcoin training will occur via virtual teaching with onsite translators (Josue and Flor Cifuentes). Josue and Flor will begin their Bitcoin training on/about the 15th of November 2021.

By the Spring/Summer (2022) enough children, adults and businesses will be familiar with Bitcoin to continue to the second phase which will be broader business adoption. In addition, by late Spring or early Summer 2022, it’s the desire that there will be enough interest and adoption of Bitcoin that Bitcoin tourists will have the ability to spend Bitcoin in and around Panajachel.

If you would like to know more about Panajachel, you can read the original Bitcoin Lake Plan.

Funding Needs

We would like to provide equipment for each child to assemble and run a full node. We will use the Umbrel node software and the recommended hardware equipment.

To incentivize the children we will start a clean up project in/around lake Atitlan.

Each child will be provide $10USD in an airdrop.

There are 6–10 children that need sponsorship for the next school year and general funding for the teachers and the school.

The current budget is:

Funds will be transferred to the school’s node once education and operational security is established.


Twitter handles

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Bitcoin Lake Twitter @LakeBitcoin

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