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Bitcoin 🚀 | Learn Trading Tips on YouTube

Bitcoin has just surpassed the historical resistance of $20,000 and now trading ~22,500.

Time to learn the best ways of making profits on the rising and sideways markets 24/7.

There is an automated solution that can work for you! Bitsgap’s Automated Trading Bots powered by a high-frequency trading algorithm to boost your trading performance. Consistency, security, diversification!

Join Today’s Youtube live to learn about automated and futures trading with Bitsgap team. Click on the reminder button 🔔

What you will learn:

  • How to spend less time on manual trading?
  • How to trade 10000$ when your real balance is only 100$?
  • How to learn to trade and discover new strategies risk-free?
  • How to quickly make trade decisions.
  • 3 tips to outperform the market.
  • 3 ready-made strategies for Spot and Automated trading
  • 3 ready-made configurations for Automated bots.
  • Top 3 risk management principles.
  • Backtesting — test any strategy before execution.
  • Key metrics to monitor your performance.

Join Bitsgap Team Today at 4PM UTC on Youtube



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