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Bitcoin: March 17, 2022

Bitcoin at this current moment in time is at $40,800.00 which is roughly $17,000.00 dollars away from previous years price.

While holding above $40k feels promising, not being able to pass $42k is troubling. Bitcoin can only be rejected so many times before history repeats itself and Bitcoin makes a major move in one direction or the other.

We are currently fighting the resistance of the downtrend along with battling to hold a support line. Tonight has potential to be “ A Major Night in Crypto for Bitcoin” I am going to remain hopeful but realistic as always.

We have been in this accumulation zone since February 4, 2022 keeping in mind that this downtrend started on November 10, 2021 Bitcoin keeps fighting its way back up. The fight has been hectic from $33k to $46k and I don’t see anything changing that anytime soon.

That being said we could be leaning more towards revisiting previous bull cycle all time highs. The only thing that has me challenging not going below $33k is the fact that corporations own Billions of dollars of Bitcoin and continue to buy up dips at those levels, talk about diamond hands. I have also explored some major order books…

BAT Basic Attention Token

BAT is looking like it is ready or another run like November of 2021 possibly. I would not bet the house on it, but I would hold on for a ride. A pattern is starting to emerge with donations and ad payments.


XRP is still battling the lawsuit while appearing to be turning bullish yet again. We are seeing a downtrend day however we did close above another resistance level which may be a good sign of support at this level.


BCH Bitcoin Cash is looking remotely similar to the Bitcoin chart at the moment with some slight differences, nothing out of the normal ranges. I have always been a firm believer behind Bitcoin Cash directly moves in correlation with Bitcoin, whether the critics want to admit it or not .

I know that offends a lot of people, but where did BCH come from? Than ABC that is now currently ECASH which btw I did pretty decent on when I split my BCH to ABC and than it automatically turned itself into ECASH. Any one cash in on that one?


My knowledge on AMP is very limited, I do own several thousand of them just in case some thing happens. I have always watched CoinBase closely as they seem to be the ones that set most of the trends, with the exception of the meme coins.

They did adopt Meme Coins and the trend lives on. Considering their is no previous price discovery beyond this point. The only thing I can really say is that, AMP appears to gaining traction along with the rest of the crypto market. Provided that the rest of the crypto market continues to gain traction uphill AMP is in store for some major price action in the not so distant future.

I enjoy researching crypto and following along with the crypto markets. I like to reflect periodically and see how much I have grown in the Crypto World. I will be coming out with another Blog Post about my holdings, in comparison to the last time I did a post similar it has grown out of control.

I am starting to get to the point where I have way too many exchange accounts, too many cold wallets, too many seed phrased and it is just getting to be overwhelming. I have an ideal for the ultimate exchange that would solve all of these issues without missing any opportunities.

Imagine that one app that combines every thing you love about crypto into one place. That would be some thing, wouldn’t it?

Thanks for reading, God Bless You & Stay Healthy!

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