Bitcoin will go below $4.500 and this is why that's good for everybody

The revolution of money doesn't mind bear or bull markets

Lucien Lecarme
Oct 6 · 10 min read

Many people are in the Bitcoin space for investment reasons, and they want to see the price make all-time highs with every new moon. When you zoom out however and look at what Bitcoin stands for, when you take a deep dive into its disruptive technology, we should conclude that it’s the super app of the revolution of money. In fact, it’s a new form of money altogether, not a new digital currency. Old money likes to hijack Bitcoin just to make more out of itself, the thing old money likes to do best. This is one of the reasons for its huge volatility. But I believe that a revolution of money is not a copy of its old flaws.

Bitcoin huge price swaps are the waves of greed hitting the shore of decentralization

The self-correcting mechanisms of Bitcoin written in the protocol will protect its promises. One of these promises is a peer to peer cash-less network, the internet of money. The ultimate value of Bitcoin, beyond its price, is the reward everybody gets from trusting this new form of money. When people get this, the floodgates will open. From education, not from a new hype.

Let me explain why the revolution of money is stronger than a few mega wales getting even more money. To make bitcoin truly peer to peer, people need to understand its huge game shifting potential and step in while Bitcoin is $2.600,-, not when it is $20.000 and money comes in because of a new hype and fear of missing out.

And this is what Bitcoin is teaching us right now. And this is one of the reasons it will go down to under $ 4.500,-. But there is more, much more

Warning! This writing contains shocking and unbelievable content about Bitcoin! because the goal of decentralized peer to peer money reaches beyond our current story of what money is and what we made it to be.

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Old Money

My first argument is maybe the easiest one to imagine and understand. Our ‘old’ money is printed out of nothing. In the last 11 years, from the 2008 crisis, 180 trillion US dollars have been printed. Where did this money go? We should be all rich by now when it was distributed fairly, but we are far from that. In fact, we are navigating towards a new worldwide economic crisis when we follow the signs. The answer is, this money is in the pockets of a few. WHAT?

Think about this for a second, our present money, coming from an infinite source, is creating more and more scarcity, negative interest rates, inflation, and hyperinflation. You can read about how our old money works in many great books and blogs, I rather focus on the reversal, on how we can fix this corrupt system. It is clear that the old system is not sustainable, many top economists would agree. But money is still power, and the power still seems to be in control. Until January 3rd, 2009 when the Bitcoin network started and the first bitcoins where mined. It was the epic invisible change to make a shift possible for money changing from the hands of a few, in the top of the pyramid, into the wallets of all.

The law of the counterpoint movement

I believe in counterpoints, where the negative destructive forces are bend into positive sustainable solutions. Again, our current money comes from an almost infinite source, and yet is creating so much scarcity. Bitcoin will do the opposite.

The most funky asset of Bitcoin is the reversal of the scarcity paradigm. As scarce asset, Bitcoin will initiate abundance on a huge scale.

How is this possible?

There are three main very important characteristics of Bitcoin that makes this happen in the future.

1: The change from a trusted third party system to a technological trustless network where the human single point of failure is eliminated. In short, in times of the gold standard, we trusted 3rd parties to validate our transactions, since our societies grew so big that we could not do this ourselves. When the gold standard was released in the 1930ies, laws where set in place to protect the people and nation-states that printed the money. The precedent was created for the parasites, the big financial middlemen and cooperation, to start sucking out the money from the system. For ‘lending’ out freshly printed money to middle east befriended sheikh states that buyback weapons to use in wars for no reason other to protect oil flows and make a few people and befriended families extremely richer. In the meanwhile, you call users of Bitcoin “criminals” and “terrorists” hahaha, what a pathetic joke.

Since the punishment is way less than the crime, and a huge greedy monster took hold of this corrupt system, we are left with this enormously wrong and ethical disputable current system of money and third parties that have violated our trust to the most bizarre extreme. And they still think they will get away with this?

2008. Technology brought us a trustless digital ledger to validate the exchange of value, the Blockchain.

This is creating, as we speak, this enormous window of opportunity for the people to take back the power of the money flow, to be their own banks, without permission, over borders and without a central point of authority or control.

Kind of organically, this possibility is now firstly and foremostly trickling down to people in countries where our old corrupt money system is almost at the end of its life cycle, countries like Venezuela, Argentina and other hyperinflation nation-states. This OTC ( over the counter) trade of Bitcoin is becoming a very steady growth of the network. It speaks for itself that for this group, a low entry point is crucial. They really need Bitcoin to survive, we in the west don’t. Not yet.

For most of us, it is still an exciting investment tool. And this brings me to characteristic 2. Wales are freely playing in their ocean of money, and they hijacked Bitcoins price to make more money out of their already enormous assets. When they get tired of Bitcoin, they Hijack a new altcoin just for the kick, buy some people to promote the hell out of it as the next big thing and play their pump & dump, after going back to Bitcoin again. It is estimated that roughly 2000 people own 80% of Bitcoin. Again,

how can there exist a pyramid of owners, within a revolution of money?

How do we get closer to abundance for all in yet another Ponzi scheme? It is possible that most of these Hodlers, together with some wales, dominate Bitcoins price? Moving lets say 2 billion Bitcoins, is moving roughly 1% of its total market cap, which might result in a significant drop or push up.

But there are other mechanisms at play here. For them, this play is dangerous and not sustainable in the long term, since bigger groups of people stay away from Bitcoin exactly for the reason of the inflicted volatility. And wales and big hodlers also need these smaller players, the retail money, finally to enter the revolution. This is for security reasons, and also the miner's reward plays a role here. An organic healthy grow of Bitcoins volume, price, stock to flow ratio, hash rate and other factors will benefit all at the end of the day. And moreover, this win-win is programmed in its protocols, and I believe it will be realized. Nakamoto created a revolutionary new form of money, not a money machine that will die in the hands of some big players. Since Bitcoin is truly decentralized, nobody has the ultimate power.

This is another very important reason why Bitcoin needs to go down and be more accessible for all than be pumped up to 14k again. Another note here: When Bitcoin will go down, many smaller Hodlers will do get nervous and sell their Bitcoin, despite their set in stone Hodler promise, this will balance the market even more.

3. Remember the 2010 Internet bubble burst when 90% of shady, scammy Internet companies got shaken out? When you compare the revolution of money, with the revolution of the Internet, I believe we are getting very close to a similar shake out. But now for all the so-called Shitcoins that dressed up like decentralized, came to the big 2018 I.C.O party to collect as many ETH as possible, but fail to proof to bring real value to the world, even fail to deliver any small innovation or a working product whatsoever. It is time for them to leave through the backdoor. Imagine this exodus of money from the shitcoins, into… exactly, Bitcoin. But not into a 20k BTC.

The lowering of the price of Bitcoin will be the beginning of a death-spiral for many shitcoins.

It is possible that the latest run-up till 14k for Bitcoin was already partly due to money from Altcoins changing place when we look at Bitcoins dominance growth around that time.

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

Again, we should stick to the wider picture here, and this big coming shakeout will confirm that people need a true revolution of money in this very important timeframe. It is time for crypto’s second phase of coming into adulthood. A round of purification. The world doesn't need any more pyramids, printing money out of nothing and call it a token X or Y, using the blockchain hype as coverup to make again a small group of people stinking rich over the backs of people that will lose their money, and in the end their trust in the crypto space.

In this sense, Bitcoin will become more and more the trustless trust builder in a new future of money. As for now, it lived up to its true promise of decentralization, despite the hijack by old money and its dirty tricks.

The price of Bitcoin in the near future will represent it’s social value expressed in the change of lives of people moving from the lack based principles of our old money system, into abundance based principles where everybody will benefit since the central authority of distribution and control is replaced by a true peer to peer network of exchange. The money saved by cutting away expensive, now useless, middlemen will be redistributed among all

Because this is a win-win for all that have and believe in Bitcoin, the most organic and natural process to proceed is a low entry price that represents its truer value at this moment. That’s why the $2600,- will come insight, I believe before the halving of May 2020.

Through all above-mentioned mechanisms, starting with a below $4500 or even $2600 Bitcoin, a new more balanced and organic life cycle can arise that will serve all in the space. Less huge volatile waves will occur, since more and more people are getting abundant, so less and less greed is needed, as a result of less and less lack that the old system represented since the old system slowly but surely will be replaced by the new paradigm of money. Got the picture? Be aware though, this won’t happen overnight. It's a growing river slowly making a bigger river slowly approaching the sea.

When we speak about Bitcoin, we don't speak about the revolution of a new currency within the laws of the old system, we talk about a new concept of money altogether. In fact, a new paradigm for humanity that goes hand in hand with our growing awareness. Money is one of our biggest driver for our actions. The less lack we experience, the more we thrive, the more abundant we are: the natural principle of nature that lives within us, so the more ONE we are and feel with nature, the more balance will exist, and thus peace.

For a new money, we need a new story, of what it actually means to be human.

Are you getting the huge potential of Bitcoin and the potential role it will play in the further emancipation for humanity? Erasmus made us more human co-creating Humanism and putting the focus on education for all. Computers, the open-source community & cryptography, and a person called Nakamoto will make us even more human by creating Bitcoinists. Again, education will be crucial to make the shift. Would you like to be part of the new story of money? Educate yourself and get some Satoshi’s and exit the fiat system. $2600 will be a great moment.

Lucien Lecarme

Lucien Lecarme is a crypto educator and public speaker about the revolution of money. Any BTC donation for my work to cover travel costs to speak about Bitcoin are welcome, I am just starting! 34BduJdXYBzsEhPGhdp9QKZgdiUJkMRpE9

This is my Crypto Starters Guide, available on Amazon


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Coinmonks is a non-profit Crypto educational publication. Follow us on Twitter @coinmonks Our other project —

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