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I am sure, if you are reading this then you are interested in the blockchain. Right?

So, as you know, this technology is tomorrow’s future, so, we must prepare for this. Have you ever wondered, how to become a blockchain developer in 2022? And what is the learning curve to getting a blockchain developer role?

Well, today we will briefly discuss this.


Before moving into the developer roadmap, first, we have to understand what the blockchain is and why it’s so popular and trending now.

In simple words, it’s a database, to store the data like SQL, and NoSQL. Blockchain is a public and decentralized database where we can store our data securely. And, to develop an end-to-end application we need a Frontend, Backend, and a database. For that, we have to learn all things required to be a full-stack blockchain developer.

Let’s explore the complete full-stack blockchain developer.

The Roadmap!

First, we will discuss what languages need to know for a blockchain developer.

Languages to know

The important part to develop something is the coding language. Blockchain is nothing but all about smart contracts where we will write all the business logic and functionalities. And, for that we need Solidity.

Yes, Solidity!

Solidity is the language to write smart contracts, mainly in the Ethereum blockchain. Solidity is the mixing of Javascript, Java, and C++. If you are aware of these languages then you will find solidity easier to learn. There are plenty of online video tutorials available to learn. But I’ll prefer first to go through the official documentation to understand the core concepts. You can also refer to Ethereum and Solidity books to read the concepts.

Best books to refer to:- Mastering Ethereum by Andreas M.Antonopoulo and Dr. Gavin Wood

Frameworks and Libraries to learn

With only solidity, we can’t develop complete apps. As I told you earlier blockchain is a database, we need a backend and frontend for the complete application. And, for that, we need some frameworks and libraries.

  1. React
  2. Node
  3. Web3.Js

React is a popular library for creating frontend applications. We need to understand the concepts of Node.js also to make the complete full-stack application. And lastly, web3js is the library for creating Decentralized applications. For this, you can follow videos and official documentation.

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Tools to learn

Tools are the most important things to building something. In the blockchain development roadmap, we need some important tools and these tools make our development work easier. To develop smart contracts we need Remix IDE where we can write our smart contracts code. To test our code we need Ganache, and to interact with the blockchain backend we need Metamask.

Tools for blockchain development

  1. Remix IDE
  2. Truffle
  3. Metamask
  4. Ganache

Fundamentals and other tools to learn

Not only languages and tools, but also fundamentals are most important to learn. If you didn’t build your strong fundamentals then you won’t be able to develop great apps. There are many things to learn for a successful blockchain developer. Below are some most important things to learn.

  1. Tokens
  2. NFT
  3. DAO
  4. SBT and Vaults
  5. Oracles
  6. Tenderly
  7. Moralis, Mythril, and Slither

and many more!

Cool :)

This is all about the roadmap of a blockchain developer, mostly on the Ethereum platform. There are many things to learn.

I know it’s not a small path. But I know, you can. Maybe not immediately, but definitely.

Thanks for reading this out. See you again with a new article :)

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