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Blockchain Wallet Development: What is it & How to Build from Scratch?

The technological revolution is one of the best things that humankind has ever seen. There has also been a revolution in the industry of digital currency that introduced independent currencies by integrating a complete decentralized system.

Bitcoins make it possible for people to have realistic virtual money, which they can use to redeem in exchange for products. This article will teach you about blockchain wallet development right from scratch.

Basics and Significance of Bitcoin:

Blockchain is a primary term that refers to the collaboration of informational digital sets of data that are linked via cryptographic chains. The best thing about the mechanism of blockchain is that it cannot be altered.

There exists complete transparency throughout the procedure. Intermediaries such as the banks and governments do not intervene. This eliminates all the unnecessary additional charges and costs.

Due to the robust encryption, the data obtained or stored is unbreakable but can be accessed through most of the devices available out there, which influences crypto wallet development with positivity.

In the global market, 5000+ cryptocurrencies are available, and the figures are escalating steadily.

Bitcoin Wallet and the Ways to Access it:

For storing, purchasing, and selling bitcoins or other forms of cryptocurrencies, a bitcoin wallet is a safest and most secure place. There are three major ways that you need to focus on for accessing the wallet. They are given below:


This particular format print-outs are considered to be the visual existence proof for bitcoins. It makes bitcoins a liability, as there is always the existence of threats like getting destroyed or misplaced in the process of cryptocurrency wallet development.


The hardware device stores the data associated with the coin details and account. It offers better accessibility at any time.


It can be considered as wallets or safe deposits and can be accessed through both mobile devices and desktops.

Creating a Mobile Application from Scratch:

In the initial stages, it is considered a better idea to make use of the pre-existing techniques and methods for the process of development of blockchain wallet. There are a few methods and tools that many developers have adopted to facilitate top-notch wallet development services.

These particular tools and methods go well with the wallet application and thus making it ideal for adoption. Moreover, they also process every transaction made via a blockchain network.

App building requires significant coding incorporated with programming skills. You may follow the below down steps for the convenience in flow:

  1. Make use of the API file and other tools for blockchain network synchronization.
  2. All the essential coding must be included for developing the program.
  3. To make sure that the standards of implementation are well-maintained, you may conduct tests at every stage.
  4. Focus on team building that will be responsible for the development of the full node for the bitcoin blockchain. Make sure that the development team synchronizes the node fully.
  5. A cloud-based platform is necessary for application development, as it helps in managing the OS, runtime diagnostics, networking, and cloud infrastructure.

The functionality of a Bitcoin Wallet Application:

Based on a particular type of key, known as the asymmetric key, having cryptography, a bitcoin wallet transaction is processed. It provides better security. The private key and public key can be used to access it.

During the processing of a transaction through the wallet, from one particular account to another account, there takes place an interchange of coins between the owner and the seller.

All of these transactions are kept in records and analyzed with the respective bitcoin wallet’s help.

Technology Stack:

A lot of abundant public libraries exist, which can be put to use for developing blockchain applications in the inline space. These libraries can be used to execute the standard functionalities.

In case you are looking towards building a web app’ to build the front end, make use of Angular JS 4.0, CSS3, and HTML5. Also, use Node JS from the backend.

For building an extensive frontend, the android application will need the input of the code or program from Java. For API services, the implementation of Python needs to be done correctly for the work of the backend.

Implementation of the swift technique can be put to use in the case of an iOS application. It is similar to Python or Node JS to the version available in Android OS.

For better security to the bitcoin wallet application, you can implement 2-step authorization and other additional features. The irregular activity associated with the account will be raised. It is because of the rising fame of the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and its corresponding wallets for storing them. It is necessary to configure and secure the features for the improvement of the usability of the wallet.

The crypto world is always in the upgrade stage. So, it is necessary to stay up-to-date along with all the latest developments. The demand for bitcoin wallets has skyrocketed, and thus there exist continuous efforts for building a bitcoin wallet. You may also opt for a wallet development company for better ideas.


If you want to opt for bitcoin app development, it is the best time. The fame and admiration of bitcoin mobile applications are increasing with each passing day, which in turn has hiked the requirement for bitcoin wallet applications in the market. The only expectation that people keep from a bitcoin wallet is that it is secure and safe. In the foreseeable future certainly, other currencies will also need crypto wallets.

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