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BTC and the key level of 25,200. How to make money?

A small story to begin

The 25,200 level was formed in early August 2022, when everyone stopped talking about the bankruptcies of 3AC, Celsius and several other companies. You could consider the 25,200 level a fair price for a neutral market in the current world economic realities. Then we had a fall due to the aggravation of relations between China and Taiwan, a small increase due to the Ethereum Merge in September and the FTX/Alameda crisis, panic sellings and general apathy. From this moment the set of positions began. It lasted almost 2 months until January 9, 2023. Then a local bullish run to 25,200 began, with one stop at 20,000–21,000. And now we hit the 25,200 level again and no one knows what will happen next.

The main

  1. All of the collapses and bankruptcies of 2022 were a surprise to all players. Each new crash was a great surprise and forced all participants to actively rebalance their positions. The example is Jump Trading and its fiat balance that was ~50% at the time of the FTX crash, even though the normal fiat rate since the Terra/Luna crash was ~30%. In other words, even the biggest players were influenced by the market and depended on the situation.
  2. There is every reason to believe that it was the big players who were the main contributors to the November-January position set. After the FTX collapse, the market reached the peak of fear, the only thing that could push the market down even more at that moment was Binance/Coinbase fall, or crypto ban in the USA. Considering how quickly Binance worked and how actively Coinbase was in the process of personnel reorganization, the probability of their fall was extremely low. Also, all regulators mostly blamed SBF and executive team FTX/Alameda; there were no ideas to ban crypto in the rhetoric of regulators. Spoiler: it was introduced later and partially in the form of a stacking ban for US users so the companies would not be cheeky and would think about what they were doing. In general, the risks and probability of a bigger crisis were very low and the big teams understood it very well, that is why they started to set positions.
  3. Logically, it will be clear that the level of 25,200 is most likely the most favorable level for the large participants — the beneficiaries of the fall. The price near the level of 25,200 allows you to easily sell those positions that were not sold after the collapse of 3AC/Celsius and the fall of FTX. Which in turn will take some time. After that it is only left to figure out what to do with the bad positions from the time of the Terra/Luna fall, to correct the balance of assets and build a smooth strategy for the future.

Our bets

  1. The 25,200 level is completely artificial and created to sell over margin longs from 16,000–17,000 and sell problematic positions from the 3AC/FTX times.
  2. After selling positions at the current level, the market will go down to 20,000–21,700.
  3. After that, within 3–4 months, we will get to 30,000–32,000.
  4. We should expect some interesting price movements, namely long/short squeezes.
  5. The big players have learned to work with the risk of bankruptcy and the risk of regulators’ influence: Genesis and the SEC bans are the best examples of that. Besides, there are very few of these risks left and a skilled team of analysts will be able to keep track of them and come up with strategies to work on them.
  6. Asian liquidity will be a growth driver.

Write your thoughts on the market after reading the article, what are your forecasts?

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