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Builders On Bitcoin — Stacks Ventures Latest Portfolio Companies

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June 2022

It’s been exactly a year and a half since the Stacks Foundation released the highly anticipated Stacks 2.0 Whitepaper, which built on two years of R&D and brought utility to Bitcoin via Stacks that would see mainnet launch thirty-one days later. Fast forward to 2022, the ecosystem continues to take shape seeing developments in many categories throughout Web 3.0 and the growth of a new digital economy.

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Over the last three and a half months, we at Stacks Ventures have quietly worked closely with more than twenty aspiring teams distributed worldwide who set their sights on building on Bitcoin. Today, we welcome each of these new companies publicly into the Stacks Ventures portfolio and the greater Stacks family. Among them are twelve focused on integrations with CityCoins opening a new “app store” for cities around the world, their citizens, and services.

Tomorrow, June 15th, and June 16th will kick off a showcase event where each company will present to investors and the Web 3.0 community their latest developments, contributions, and applications to the Bitcoin & Stacks ecosystem at all layers of the technical stack from core infrastructure to middleware to applications;

  • Infrastructure & ApplicationsRethinking everything from loyalty programs, commerce, gaming (+GameFi), telecommunications, climate and carbon markets, NFT neo-barter, identity, entertainment & music to genetic testing and creating legally-compliant DAOs.
  • CityCoins & Crypto CitiesUtilizing CityCoins to provide WiFi to underserved neighborhoods, incentive new education models, reward mechanisms for being healthy & wellness, and the new Citizen As A Platform (CaaP) business model.
  • Unlocking BitcoinThe holy grail is the ability to use native, on-chain Bitcoin inside smart contracts to unlock functionality for Bitcoin that other assets and networks have enjoyed for years — from on-chain analytics to mining to DLCs (Discrete Log Contracts) and purpose-built wallets.

Without further ado, please welcome, the latest members of the Stacks community in alphabetical order. The full list can be viewed here.

1Huddle turns anything you need to know into deceptively-simple, highly-effective mobile games. Over the past 6 years in Web 2.0, we’ve used neuroscience & game mechanics to disrupt the learning & education space and have been trusted by organizations ranging from the US Air Force, Madison Square Garden, Audible, Loews Hotels & more — to train and educate their people every day using games. By launching into Web 3.0, we will provide the crypto world with the 1st best-in-class Learn 2 Earn solution. Play games. Develop knowledge and skills. Earn crypto. HODL & repeat. Learn more at

Bazooka Tango. According to DappRadar, blockchain games attracted 1.22M unique active wallets (UWA) in March 2022, accounting for 52% of the industry’s activity! Welcome, Bazooka Tango, who’s building a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem. They have two finished games, and the CEO previously built Vainglory to more than 45.0M users and raised $70.0M in venture capital. Learn more at

Wallio (Blue Studios) is the first Bitcoin wallet for families to set the stage for decentralized autonomous estates (DAEs). This family crypto wallet provides next-generation family asset and estate management products leveraging DAO communal ownership structure for families. We believe crypto should not just be for individual wealth but generational wealth and family planning. Learn more at, in partnership with Stacks, is bringing smart contracts to Bitcoin. We are building a bridge that will let Clarity contracts settle on Bitcoin, unlocking a trillion dollars of BTC to be used for DeFi. All transactions will be secure, decentralized, and with no custodian risk. Using our bridge, startups will be able to build applications as diverse as collateralized lending, currency hedging, and derivatives applications for the Bitcoin market. Think of a Multi-sig Bitcoin wallet plus decentralized Oracles, all controlled by Clarity. Learn more at

Element 8 is building a new kind of internet service provider. We work with local community champions to make high-speed internet secure, available, and accessible to residents across the city so they can live, work, and learn. Simply by having one CityCoin, residents will be able to log in to the E8’s ever-growing citywide connectivity program. Local residents will now both be able to access and eventually own a part of the internet infrastructure they use every day. We are launching in Miami with plans to go to New York City and Austin. Learn more at

Efani (CipherZero) is building a next-generation wireless network as America's most secure & private cellphone service. Efani is now expanding and integrating CityCoins to allow anyone to be their own 5G cell tower and mobile carrier eliminating surveillance from the mobile networks by design. Learn more at

ePioneers brings Bitcoin-settled carbon offsets on-chain, helping companies meet ESG requirements, and private investors accumulate high-yield DeFi for climate assets. With our blockchain-based carbon-removing marketplace, we are able to partner with small land owners and securitize Nature, reducing accreditation costs and making high-quality carbon credits tradeable, transparent and inclusive. Learn more at

FLATLAY is the social commerce marketplace activating communities of creators, influencers, and customers. The platform provides publishing tools for anyone to start a digital storefront in seconds while empowering brands and retailers with a SaaS portal to activate a community of customers and advocates to source content to fuel sales.

Having launched the first NFT gated storefronts for the Stacks ecosystem with CrashPunks, they’ve vested into FLATLAY to support droplinked. Through decentralized registration of products linked to smart contracts, provides the infrastructure gateway for brands and artists embracing the future of both physical and digital goods with their communities migrating to Web 3.0. Learn more at

Forever is a physical Play2Earn (P2E) Games studio using Web 3.0 tech and game mechanics to develop and release a series of viral games for users to play with their friends in IRL and become their best selves. Their first game is a steps competition between the cities of New York City and Miami. Learn more at

frens is the marketing platform for the Web 3.0 economy. We take the guesswork out of growing NFT, Gaming, DeFi, and DAO communities and enable these projects to grow sustainably with less effort. We are launching as a Discord bot that verifies NFT wallets, incentivizes member acquisition and provides visibility into what is happening in these communities and who is making it happen. Learn more at

Gamma (formerly STXNFT) is the leading marketplace for creators and digital collectors to find, list, and sell NFTs secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. Gamma also provides a minting platform for creators to launch their NFT collections without any code and a social platform built to become a hub for the world’s Web 3.0 social identity, centered around NFTs. Learn more at

GenoMarket is working at the intersection of biosecurity and privacy with a privacy compliance BioNFT platform for collecting and managing medical data and biosamples. The company today is focused on the genetic testing and COVID segments. Learn more at

Gravy (formerly ETHR Music) is a Bitcoin-based music streaming service with social listening features. Artists can easily mint their songs as NFTs and share them across their global platform. The social-first listening experience will replace A&R with social discovery and record label funding with community-driven NFT sales. These NFTs will also be the mechanism for more exactly managing, reselling, and taking dividends on performance and copyrights. Learn more at

NeoSwap is a neo-barter swap mechanism discovering and facilitating complex multi-party trades that benefit all involved with NFT discovery and advanced trading engine. Learn more at

Ryder is pioneering the next generation of wallets by bringing real-life interactions to crypto through its wearable social wallet. Users will be able to use their identity to enter spaces, tap to swap tokens, flick to exchange NFT with friends, and even leverage social recovery in the case of a lost seed phrase. Learn more at

StackerDAO Labs is bringing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to Bitcoin. StackerDAO Labs is curing this headache and making it easy to launch and operate a DAO by providing (1) quick DAO legal & compliance setup; (2) a no-code DAO generation & management platform for simple DAOs; and (3) developer tools and customized solutions for complex DAOs. StackerDAO Labs: Build Your Community on Bitcoin. Learn more at

Stacks Degens is a blockchain technology company at the cutting edge of creating gaming applications that integrate with the Stacks blockchain. In our highlight game, Degen Racer, players may race their Degen NFTs in our retro-style racing game, compete against others in the community, and earn rewards in Bitcoin or Stacks-native tokens. Learn more at

Stats On Chain is the destination for DeFi and Web 3.0/NFT analytics on Stacks and Bitcoin. We’re a blockchain intelligence tool providing actionable blockchain data, dashboards, and insights about Defi and NFTs on the Stacks blockchain secured by Bitcoin. We provide full on-chain visibility using our SQL query tool, dashboards, on-chain metrics, and API. Learn more at

Swapi is harnessing the Stacks blockchain to fuse traditional loyalty programs & Web 3.0. By launching a new universal token, Swapi allows merchants of all sizes, from hyper-local to national conglomerates, to benefit from an easy install, SaaS-based plug & play loyalty coalition platform. Swapi allows crypto to be earned on everyday transactions and redeemed for exclusive merchant rewards allowing merchants to retain engaged customers for longer. Learn more at

Syvita Mining is the leading CityCoins and Proof Of Transfer Lite (PoXL) token mining and portfolio management platform. Mine CityCoins or any PoXL token with our mining pools to eliminate losses and reduce variability in your mining outcome. Syvita Mining has deployed over 4.0 million STX since its inception. Learn more at

Xverse mobile wallet is the best way to connect to DeFi, NFT, and other decentralized applications (dApps) built using Stacks and secured by Bitcoin. Swap tokens using a decentralized exchange like ALEX or Arkadiko and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Gamma and Byzantion. Users can also mine and earn a yield on your Miami Coin and NYC Coin. Learn more at

Zeer is the next revolution in public safety. With the touch of a button, Zeer live streams location and video data to first responders so you can get help quickly. To be sure no one can dispute your story, Zeer provides a blockchain chain of custody solution for crime scene evidence (videos, photographs, etc.) data anonymously on the Stacks Blockchain and provides you the keys to tell your story with whomever when you are ready. Learn more at

See everyone at Demo Day!

About Stacks Ventures — We invest and support startups building new applications and use cases for Bitcoin. We provided teams with a growth platform of resources, including the Stacks Accelerator, a three-month intensive program backed by leading entities within the Stacks ecosystem. For more information, visit



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