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Building with CSC

Blockchain Development on CSC: Part2

Beginner’s Guide to DApp Development

  1. Learn Solidity
  2. Get your Blockchain: CSC
  3. Communicate with the Blockchain
  4. Code Smart Contracts
  5. Deploy Smart contracts
  1. Get your Blockchain: CSC — This next step is very vital, as the blockchain is the foundation on which DApps run and selecting the right blockchain is equally important. While there are many clients the developer can choose from, we recommend ‘CSC’ for a new DApp developer, as its very user friendly and eliminated the problem of cost expense. CSC has Extremely high efficiency and low transaction fees. With the POS consensus protocol, CSC generates a block in seconds, supports extremely high TPS, and keeps transaction fees at a low level in the meantime.
  2. Communicate with the Blockchain — The easiest and most common tool to communicate with the blockchain is ‘web3.js’. Installing it is easy, and there are specific instructions to configure the necessary parameters, for e.g.:
  • Configuring the web3 API functions, for communicating with the blockchain.
  • The code must avoid complexity, because the more complex the code is, the higher is the likelihood of errors. The outcome of a smart contract is irreversible, hence coding simple error-free smart contracts is imperative
  • The tool can easily blend into the testing framework because the scripts can deploy the contracts in the test environment, run the ‘truffle test’, and run regular tests.
  • Deployment using this tool suite is easy, and the required parameters can be easily set in the config.js file. Testrpc must be running in a separate window the deployment to work.
  • Invoke the smart contract: Calls to the smart contracts must be in hexadecimal strings.

Launching your DApp

Finally, after developing and testing, your DApp is ready to launch! Remember to be extra careful when launching on the production server since there is no room for errors. As you recall, it’s hard to make changes once the application is deployed, so don’t rush the process.

Hands on With the Blockchain: Getting familiar with CSC

About CSCBased on CPOS consensus protocol, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a smart contract chain that supports up to 101 validators. Aside from shorter time for block generation and lower fees for transactions, CSC is also fully compatible with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) and protocols while supporting high-performance transactions. Meanwhile, CSC adheres to the principle of decentralization and permission-free so that anyone can stake coins and become a validator.

CSC Features

  • Decentralization: Permission-free, anyone can become a validator by staking CET.
  • EVM compatibility: Fully compatible with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), which means that almost all DApps, ecosystem components and tools on Ethereum can be migrated to CSC directly or with very small changes.
  • High performance: 600+ TPS, 3s block time


Software to manage accounts. Used to access and control CSC accounts and interact with Smart Contracts. Keys need not be stored in a wallet and can instead be retrieved from an offline storage (e.g., paper) for improved security.


Download URL:

About CSC Consensus

CoinEx Smart Chain adopts CPOS consensus protocol.

  1. Anyone can become a validator by staking CET without any permitted.

Resources CSC provides.


Remix is an online tool for contract development and deployment.


Truffle is a powerful tool for contract development assistance.

  • Ability to test smart contracts.
  • Connection to cryptocurrencies using the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  • Support for custom build processes
  • Ability to deploy to many public or private networks.

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