🤖 CatCat Chatbots on Stellar Blockchain


We’re currently working on Chatbot which use Dialogflow for chat platform and Firebase for Cloud function and storage. It’s sound boring so we decide to add Stellar Blockchain and TensorFlow for Machine Learning to keep we wake up on Monday morning ;)

MVP Workflow

Here’s our MVP will look like which more like POC so…

  1. User will get “Greeting message” and seamless register
  2. User can list events as carousel.
  3. User can book tickets on Stellar Blockchain and get QR as card.
  4. User can use ticket while attend event by let admin scan QR on ticket.
  5. Admin can confirm ticket by button on Card.
  6. Ticket will be validate on Firebase to reduce latency and finally crosscheck with Stellar Blockchain after Admin confirm.
  7. User will get “Welcome message” after Admin confirm their ticket.


For beta version we’ll target on English and Thai language.


  1. Open Source! https://github.com/catcatio
  2. Easy book ticket in 2 steps (List and Book).
  3. Easy confirm ticket in 2 steps (Scan and Confirm).
  4. Easy create ticket by post existing Facebook’s events link.
  5. Nice looking QR ticket which can be manual verify by naked eyes.
  6. Depend on cheap, fast, no downtime, unhackable Stellar Blockchain.
  7. TensorFlow Machine Learning events, networking suggestion by interest classification, segmentation, location (if we have funding 💵).
  8. LINE Pay for seamless buying ticket (required POC).
  9. LIFF for enable offline ticket claim process (required POC).

And much more to come e.g. ICS, boarding pass, notify, review, quiz, poll.

BTW, We’re joining…


Stellar Build Challenge #7

And waiting for listed announcement for both of them. No matter we win or fail on competitions we still plan to eat our own dog food by setup an events and use our ticket platform for meet up/training on How we build and integrate all this stacks together with retrospective/do and don’t/best practices/limitations (anything else? why this is so long topic?).

One more thing

We put our ❤️ and 👻 to build 🎫🤖🔥 on 🚀⛓, let’s hope for the best!