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Celer Network: Benefits Of A Diverse Multi-blockchain Ecosystem

What Are The Four Elements Of The Celer Network (Celr) Cryptocurrency?

  1. cOS- It is the core of the network that provides the workflow
  2. cRoute- It is a mechanism that allows an increased operating capacity via streamlining routes within this network
  3. cChannel- It is the channel for transmitting transactions within the network
  4. Capps is an ecosystem application layer used for scaling and user privacy.

Who Created The Celer Network (Celer) Cryptocurrency?

  • Dr. Mo Dong, is a bonified expert in algorithm game theory and protocol development. Furthermore, he also teaches comprehensive courses on intelligent contracts. He has worked as a Product manager and development engineer at Veriflow.
  • Dr. Junda Liu also graduated from UC Berkeley and then worked with Google in the year 2011 to create the infrastructure for their data center. In 2014, he became one of the founders of Project Fi Mobile service. After that, he also took the position of technical manager at Android Tech.
  • Dr. Xiaozhour Li received his education at Princeton. He interned at Microsoft before working as a software engineer at Barefoot Networks. He also published and widely read academic works spanning distributed systems, storage, network, and data management.
  • Dr. Qingkai Liang holds a degree from MIT. He has worked as a software engineer intern for the MIT Laboratory for the LIDS (Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems), Bell Labs, and Google. Furthermore, his research also focuses on learning and controlling problems in networked systems, namely the online learning algorithms in adversarial networks.

What Makes The Celer Network (Celer) Cryptocurrency?

  • Reduced transaction delays.
  • Zero commission in working off-chain contracts.
  • Decreased commission for micropayments.
  • Availability of off-chain model and much more.

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