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Dear Crypto investors please come out of the market FUD(fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and focus on where blockchain currently lies and how its progressing. The future of crypto depends on how we are going to develop this tech to serve humankind in its true potential.

Whenever you go to any forum or news site, Most of the time people talking about the price of crypto and the adoption. You find fewer articles around its development as technology or technology itself.

Tech Development (Innovation) —> Value creation — > Mass adoption —> Money

Above is normal growth path for any industry but in terms of crypto this is flowing backward and this is problematic.

Let's be frank you can’t expect that everyone who is investing will know the technology, yes I said it and This is the truth. Most of the time understanding fundamentals of enough (unfortunate even that is not happening in this case).

So we created CoinCodeCap to track the development progress for different cryptocurrencies. (In future we’ll track every single currency and development around it.)

For example — ADA has more than 15 thousand commits and have 75 repos and one of the top committers in Cryptocurrency space. They talk about tech and they are creating it and you can observe it by seeing commit history of it’s Github Project.

Last 52 weeks commit data for ADA
CoinCodeCap Widget

If you want Ada Widget to add on your site or any other available currency’s development progress on your website, get a widget from CoinCodeCap.

Today I want to emphasis on the pure tech side of crypto. The Utopian dream of bitcoin created criticism when fee went to 20$/transaction. I don’t want to go deep why this happen? Why bitcoin didn’t update itself with bleeding edge solution or innovating new solution on its most trusted blockchain(even being the most valuable coin in the market)?

The highest number of transaction ever happened in the day was with the rate of 15.6 transactions per second on Ethereum blockchain (source). Do you think its enough for a solution which is going to change the way we do exchanges?

Below is the matrix of Github commits/month vs Market Capital of last six months. If you see the correlation between these two metrics it gives us Correlation coefficient of 0.153 and this includes small coins too.

But if you remove small coins and see than it give us Correlation coefficient of 0.226. In simple worlds Mature project doing more development and pricing is also moving with it.

There are ICOs which are raising funds and scamming the investors. In this market, its necessary that you monitor the technological aspect of the crypto, because today’s investor consciousness will create something which can help human for a long time. If we didn’t follow the tech progress and went with market FUD than you will have an inevitable market crash and people will lose trust in the market as well as in technology and we don’t want it because no one can deny the enormous potential of blockchain technology.

So come join us to increase the awareness around blockchain tech and track it so we can make sure our investment in the right direction for building solution for next generation.

At CoinCodeCap, We track more than 700 currencies with their GitHub data and we are just started. We are trying to build consciousness around crypto development and why investors should focus on its development side in long terms.

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