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Coinmonks Letter #25, A World Without Cash

There is no friend as loyal as a book

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Quote of the Week-

“The difference between genius and stupidity is: genius has its limits.”- Alexandre Dumas-fils

Now let’s dive into this week’s best stories. 👇 👇

A World Without Cash: The Future of Money

Our world is growing increasingly digital. David Wolman, author of ‘The End of Money’ and contributing editor at Wired, believes that the most impactful contribution from the invention of the smartphone is the applications that transform the device into a seamless wallet, remittance, and payments tool, granting financial inclusion and unprecedented convenience to billions of unbanked people around the world. Read more

by Alan Seng

Deploy Smart Contract on TRON Blockchain

Like Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), TRON is also a turing-complete machine. TRON aims to provide blockchain developers with a custom-built blockchain system that is efficient, convenient, stable, secure and scalable.. Read more

by Niharika Singh

Rise Of The Nodes — part one

At the time of writing, I envision Rise Of The Nodes as most probably turning into a series of short (hopefully) writeups about what nodes are or should be as I believe that we might be reaching a point in time where they become a real area of focus and attention for a much larger audience than in the past…Read More

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