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Coinmonks Letter #30, The Ultimate Cosmos Delegation Guide for real idiots

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Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere — Albert Einstein

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The Ultimate Cosmos Delegation Guide for real idiots

The first hub of Cosmos has launched and this means Atoms can now be delegated and since a few days are even transferable, which means that many people will ask themselves “How do I delegate my freshly acquired currency to reap some fine interest?”.

This article consists of 3 parts, A) I will give a short introduction and try to lower the niveau with bad jokes and related imagery. B) I will try to explain how to pick the right validators for the delegations and in C) I will give an explicit guide on how to delegate. For most readers, this will not be an interesting part, since it is much easier with a Ledger Nano and most will go this route for which enough tutorials exist. But for some others, it makes sense to learn how to do offline transaction signing with Cosmos.…Read More

By Patrick Wieth, (Patrick is a researcher, pursuing Ph.D.)

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