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Coinmonks’ weekly letter #16

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

This week’s top news. 👇

Quote of the Week-

““Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.” — Andreas Antonopoulos


Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2018.10.22

Messari Podcast #9: Tony Sheng

Now let’s dive into this week’s best stories. 👇

An Introduction to the Block-Lattice

Next-generation payment cryptocurrencies like Nano and Nollar make some bold promises that sound almost too good to be true. They offer fast and feeless transactions without the need for environmentally-harmful mining. Today, we take a look at the system architecture underlying these next-gen payment cryptocurrencies, the so-called block-lattice….

by Nos.Cash

Writing’s on the Wall, A Bitcoin and Crypto Analysis Q4 2018

The crypto and bitcoin markets are far less popular than they have been in the past. Most retail investors have fled since the beginning of the bear market in early 2018. But is crypto dead, is it going to zero? Or is it perhaps all part of the market cycle….

by Mεтα

Neutrino: The Lighter Side of Lightning

Several of today’s top mobile Bitcoin wallets are built on centralized services that present significant security risks. As a wise man said more than once: “Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.” Centralized services also risk exposure of users’ financial information (i.e. transaction histories)……

by Bryan Vu

A storm is brewing over the largest Bitcoin exchange

BitMEX Research puts out a new blog post, everyone stops their day to read it. But a series of recent issues with the exchange leads me to believe that they have a hard time acting ethically once it gets in their way of making more money.

by Hasu

Trends in enterprise blockchain implementation

Sebastian Wurst shows how different industries are adopting blockchain. He analyzed data of 145 enterprise blockchain related announcement between 2014 and today…

Enterprise blockchain activity by industry- Image from Sebastian Wurst article

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