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Coinmonks weekly Letter #18

Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas

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“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” — Sue Grafton

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Transaction count is an inferior measure

Together, transaction rate and average transaction size give you the economic throughput of the system; a measure of its financial bandwidth per unit of time. The settlement assurances tell you what sort of a system it is…

by Nic Carter

How to Spot the Next Cryptocurrency Wave

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in the pre-dawn darkness of September 15, 2008, one of the world’s most storied banks and also one of the oldest, wasn’t the first nor was it even the worst event out of the Great Financial Crisis…..

by Patrick Tan

DeFi vs Fintech

The case for why DeFi (Decentralize Finance), despite being today a suboptimal choice as a tech layer is actually attracting a growing number of developers and is becoming a focal point for financial technology builders...

by Tobia De Angelis

“Initiative Q” is All the Bad Parts of Crypto and None of the Good Ones

In 2017, Thanksgiving tables across America were buzzing with hype about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In the wake of Crypto Winter, a new digital-currency project seems determined to generate the same sort of familial holiday hype: Initiative Q….

by David Z. Morris

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