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Coinmonks weekly Letter #19

You are who you are when nobody’s watching

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“If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”― Dorothy Parker

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The resolution of the Bitcoin Cash experiment

The so-called “Bitcoin Hash War” lasted about two weeks and moved in a direction that many people didn’t expect — Many people expected Bitcoin SV to make an aggressive re-org attack but that never happened. However what came out of the other side is the problem I will discuss in this post… Read More

Making a URL shortener on Ethereum Blockchain ⛓

A URL shortener on ethereum, check out How Saurav built it and made it popular on Producthunt.

What do you legally own with Bitcoin?

The question of ownership with Bitcoin — what does someone really own while holding coins on a very fundamental level — has plagued not only legal discussions for a while now. The inherently technical nature of this debate often times poses more questions than it provides answers. For all we know Bitcoin or something like it (hard digital money) is here to stay which begs the question — what is it (legally)?….Read more

by Knut Karnapp

Why (oh why) did Bitcoin crash just in time for Thanksgiving?

It’s not hard to think there are lots of stony silences around dinner tables in the US this week. It’s Thanksgiving, when families come together to reflect on the year gone by. Last year, there were lots of excited articles about this new “bitcoin” thing whose value — measured in dollars, obviously — was shooting up and was going to go to the moon. John McAfee said so and that guy sleeps with a gun!… Read more

by Charles Arthur

Which cryptocurrency becomes the future payment system

A considerable number of crypto coins would like to become a generally usable means of payment. Some want to exist next to the Euro and some want to exist instead of the Euro. Which cryptographic coin has the best papers and has made the right design choices? … Read More

by Aat de Kwaasteniet

Integrating physical devices with IOTA — Bio-metric authentication

10th part in a series of beginner tutorials where we explore integrating physical devices with the IOTA protocol. In this tutorial, we will be exploring a concept known as Bio-metric authentication. If you own a smart-phone with a fingerprint reader chances are you already use this technology every day…Read More

by Hugo Gregersen

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