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Coinmonks weekly Letter #20

Every artist was first an amateur

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“The most complicated skill is to be simple.” — Dejan Stojanovic

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Behind MimbleWimble

Few ideas within crypto have garnered as much attention as the MimbleWimble proposal. It gets its name from the incantation of the Tongue Tying Curse in the Harry Potter universe, a spell used to prevent speaking on a certain topic. MimbleWimble is a novel protocol that works to improve privacyand scalability for its users. Read more

by Jordan Clifford

Peer Review: CBC Casper

Liveness and safety are two inseparable properties of consensus protocols. Liveness is a guarantee that a protocol will do something useful even in the face of failures. CBC Casper, a family of consensus protocols, leaves out liveness from their analysis. Treating 1 out of 2 doesn’t get you 50% of the way to a full protocol; it leaves you with almost nothing. Read more

by Muneeb Ali

Tips on Getting Through a Bear Market

The bear market in BTC has lasted almost a year now and it’s a hard place to be. Holding onto assets as they drop is a difficult thing to do and getting through this market takes a lot of character. Read More.

by Jimmy Song

Vertcoin (VTC) was successfully 51% attacked

In 4 distinct incidents, the latest of which concluded on 12/2, Vertcoin (VTC) experienced 22 deep chain reorganizations, 15 of which included double spends of VTC. We estimate that these attacks could have resulted in the theft of over $100,000. The largest reorg was over 300 blocks deep. Read more

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