Consensus, New Networks & Tokens: Hashport April 2023 Review

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4 min readApr 28


Hashport integrated two more networks & attended Consensus in Austin, TX! Read on to get a quick summary of this month in our April monthly review:

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Highlights of the Month:

  • SaucerSwap announced the $WAVAX[hts]-$HBAR liquidity pool went live & many users ported their $WAVAX to the Hedera network, making it one of the top ported tokens on Hashport.
  • WETH, OM, & DOV all saw increased volumes, causing USDC to momentarily drop out of the top 3 positions.
  • We came a long way since launching on November 2021 — check out this Twitter thread about our journey, our validators, and the dApps that collaborated with us along the way.
  • Arkhia was recently featured on a Google Cloud blog about building Web3 infrastructure while leveraging the tech giant’s data services.
  • Hedera achieved another major milestone as the network processed more than 7 billion mainnet transactions.
  • Hashport now has verified community pages on CoinMarketCap & on Magic Square! 👀
  • Hashport’s Jesse Whiteside hopped on The Rollup to discuss Directed Acrylic Graphs (DAG), ⛓️ building critical #web3 infrastructure, 🛠️ & upgrades the Hedera community can expect to see. Tune in here 📽️

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Technical Updates

9 networks, 51+ tokens. 🌐 🟡 Hashport now supports Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, & Cronos.

Four Fantom network tokens & seven Cronos network tokens have been added to the portal. Here are the native token addresses for your reference.

$TAROT — 0xc5e2b037d30a390e62180970b3aa4e91868764cd
$GEIST — 0xd8321aa83fb0a4ecd6348d4577431310a6e0814d
$BEETS — 0xf24bcf4d1e507740041c9cfd2dddb29585adce1e
$SCREAM — 0xe0654c8e6fd4d733349ac7e09f6f23da256bf475

$FER — 0x39bc1e38c842c60775ce37566d03b41a7a66c782
$MIMAS — 0x10c9284e6094b71d3ce4e38b8bffc668199da677
$MMF — 0x97749c9b61f878a880dfe312d2594ae07aed7656
$SINGLE — 0x0804702a4e749d39a35fde73d1df0b1f1d6b8347
$TONIC — 0xdd73dea10abc2bff99c60882ec5b2b81bb1dc5b2
$VNO — 0xdb7d0a1ec37de1de924f8e8adac6ed338d4404e9
$VVS — 0x2d03bece6747adc00e1a131bba1469c15fd11e03

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Featured Articles:

Hashport’s second DAG has arrived. Fantom is the latest network integrated with the portal, 👻 bringing the number of our supported networks to 9!

Read our blog to learn more: Fantom Integrated on Hashport!

Open-source & EVM-compatible, Cronos has been integrated with Hashport.

Read our blog for the full details of the integration: Cronos Integrated on Hashport!

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