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Cost & Benefit of Grid Trading Platform

Key Takeaway & Briefly Comparison

  • BOXTradEx emerged this year and commits to provide a new formation of crypto-exchange based on high security and compliance, the primary application are Grid Trading bot and DCA strategy.
  • Pionex offers 5 free different kinds of Grid Trading bot with multi-level trading fee structure, also provides the largest grid support and available trading pairs.
  • Binance provides trading bot services only on the USD support futures market, and it also allows users to open Grid Trading strategy in 3 different modes, neutral, long and short.
  • Kucoin supports Grid Trading bot in spot and futures market, and it can be seen as a great challenger to Pionex.

Why Grid Trading Bot?

4 Grid Trading Platform You Need to Know

Costs & Benefits



  1. Grid Trading bot is Free to use.
  2. Grid Trading bot user with only 0.05% trading fee.


  1. BOXTradEx offers a relatively low minimum investment amount to open a Grid Trading bot, which is more user-friendly and enhances the elasticity of use cases. You can simply use less than 100 USDT to open Grid Trading in ETH/USDT with 100 grids.
  2. The referral program of BOXTradEx provides relatively low hurdles to get commission rebate 20% and 30% which depend on how many qualified users you invited.
  3. BOXTradEx launched a 20 USDT trading bonus to every user who passed the KYC process in the platform, users can use trading bonus to experience Grid Trading bot and take profits.



  1. Grid Trading bot is Free to use.
  2. The trading fee is based on user level, basic 0.05% and lowest to 0.01%.


  1. Pionex provides most of the trading pairs in Spot market to allow users to open Grid Trading bot, also have leverage trading pairs and non-USD quote pairs.
  2. For Grid Trading bot in Pionex, users have options to customize their strategy or use AI. In addition to custom functions, users can utilize advanced settings to enhance the performance of Grid Trading bot, such as trigger price, stop loss price, etc.
  3. Pionex allows users to open Grid Trading bot with maximum 200 grids, besides, Pionex has a special program to unlock a quantity of grids to 1000.



  1. Grid Trading bot is Free to use, but users need to understand the rules of Futures market.
  2. The trading fee is based on user level, basic 0.02% and lowest to 0% on Futures trading.


  1. Binance offers Grid Trading bot in their Perpetual Futures market, and allows users to utilize leverage to do arbitrage. The Futures market contains a higher risk-return profile than the Spot market.
  2. The Grid Trading bot in Binance have 3 strategy modes to select, Long, short and Neutral mode. For Long and Short mode, users will have an initial position (Long or Short) while simultaneously placing buy-limit and sell-limit orders at predetermined intervals to capitalize on market volatility and consolidation phase. For Neutral mode, the user won’t have an initial position, the bot will place limit buy and sell orders automatically within the price range.
  3. Binance has a comprehensive referral program to users, with 20% commission rebate to the entry level and up to 30% to the specified BNB holders.



  1. Grid Trading bot is Free to use in Spot and Futures market.
  2. The trading fee is depended on user level, highest 0.1% to lowest -0.005% (Rebate to user).


  1. Kucoin supports over 100+ coins/tokens in the Spot and Futures market.
  2. The Grid Trading bot in Kucoin has customized strategy functions as well as AI strategy, moreover, new users can learn tutorials and ranking infos when open the Grid Trading bot.
  3. Kucoin has several trading campaigns to Grid Trading users periodically, the community members who create specified Grid Trading bot can share 2000 USDT prize.

How to Choose which Grid Trading Bot is the Best?

  1. Security & Liquidity
  2. Customer Service
  3. User Experience



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