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Start Bitcoin Invoicing and Get Paid in Crypto

Gaurav Agrawal
May 13 · 5 min read

Today, I am going to show you how to create a Bitcoin Invoice using CryptoFi. I am building CryptoFi to help individuals and businesses to create invoices and get paid in crypto. Let's dive in.

Create an account on CryptoFi. and get ready to create invoices.

Here are three simple steps, we will explain them one by one.

1- Add a wallet

2- Add a Contact

3- Create Invoice

Add a wallet

As we are a non-custodian solution (means we don’t hold your keys and don’t generate your address, #fundsAreSafu). Click on Wallet tab and add your pre-existing bitcoin address. You can update it whenever you want, and add only one bitcoin address a time.

Add a contact

Next, add a contact, click on Contact tab and add your contact name and your contact email.

Create Invoice

Now we are ready to create an invoice. Go to Invoice tab and you will below screen.

Here you need to fill invoice details.

Invoice Number — We automatically fetch a new invoice number for you. This number should be unique and for new accounts, it starts at 1.

Invoice Title - Fill your invoice title

Due Date — Select when the invoice is due.

Contact — Select contact whom you want to send this invoice.

Currency for pricing — Next you need to select a currency for pricing, let’s understand with an example. So if you want to charge your customer US Dollars then choose US Dollars, or if you want to charge your customer Canadian dollars then choose Canadian Dollars and so on.

Enable currencies for payment — Next, you need to enable currency for payment, you can enable more than more if you add wallet for them. As we only added bitcoin address so it will show bitcoin only, but if you add addresses for other cryptocurrencies we support then you can enable them too.

Now click on Next.

Invoicing details

In this screen, you need to fill the item details for the invoice. Here all the things are self-explanatory.

invoice Item Details

Once you fill the invoice. You are now ready to send the invoice. Click on Send Invoice and we will send this invoice to your contact. In the screen, you will see the invoice confirmation screen and also have the option to see the invoice.

That’s it Invoice is sent to your contact.

How does Invoice look like and how my contact will pay?

This is what we will send to your contact email. He will able to view and pay the invoice.

Once he will click on View and Pay Invoice. He will see this Invoice screen. Here he can see all the details and also have the option to pay the invoice using the “Pay with Crypto” button.

How does payment look like?

Once your contact will click on pay with crypto he will see this.

If you enable more currencies while creating an invoice, your contact will see them too. Example —

Once your contact will select the crypto, next he will see this screen. Here we automatically get the latest exchange price and convert invoice amount in bitcoin and show your wallet address according to the currency. He can copy paste address or scan the QR code.

After payment, your contact needs to mark payment done, this is how we will know that payment is done and trigger a mail to you accordingly with payment details. Next, your contact will see a verify screen, where he can put the transaction hash of the Payment, So, you can verify it whenever you want.

How I will track these Invoices?

We have Payment tab where you can see all paid and unpaid invoices. This is how you can track invoice payments.

Currently, we support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Komodo, DAI, Stasis, and other stable coins. We will add more coins in the future and if you want to add a coin just ping me on twitter @coinmonks

We would love to get some feedback for that you can join our telegram group here. We will be waiting to hear from you.

In Crypto, We believe!!


Coinmonks is a technology-focused publication embracing decentralize technologies. We are Non-profit and education is our core value. Learn, Build and thrive. Our other project—

Gaurav Agrawal

Written by & Coinmonks Jobs ( and Editor — Coinmonks, Crowdbotics and QuikNode



Coinmonks is a technology-focused publication embracing decentralize technologies. We are Non-profit and education is our core value. Learn, Build and thrive. Our other project—

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