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Crypto Composables — Building Blocks and Applications

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There is no project… and no token sale.

My passion lies in expanding the standard components of Ethereum so developers can use them to create amazing, inter-operable experiences. This will spur adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies. A great example of this mental model is Trent McConaghy’s recent tweet on analog computing circuits. Staring into your computer screen right now, think how it all came to be from tiny components and transistors.

Favor object composition over class inheritance

I’m going to walk through a few use cases introducing the concept of object composition on the blockchain. These examples will be using the pre-existing standard Ethereum tokens and a new extension of NFTs called Composables.

Use Case — Legal

Use Case — Supply Chain Provenance

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Use Case — Virtual Assets


Composable crypto assets are the next evolution of non-fungibles for the Ethereum blockchain and community’s decentralized applications. There are practical use cases that solve real world problems and fun use cases that give virtual game assets a whole new level of depth both in-game and in markets. Standard interfaces make it easier than ever to mix and match assets across protocols and decentralized applications. This is leading to more cross over, experimentation and communication in the community. Join the discussion here and help move this standard forward.



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