Crypto culture is dead

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2 min readOct 22, 2022


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Crypto inclusiveness is gone; instead, the rise of casino capitalism is coming.

The culture of crypto was to have different views about the future but to work toward that future if you could find a way to integrate into the blockchain system.

Nowadays, it is all hype and to the moon spirit.

Crypto culture is dead.

The spirit of working on something impactful in the highly speculative trading of suspicious assets like investments strategy to win the overnight market success is the norm in the crypto space.

We are in casino capitalism: a form of capitalism in which large speculative ventures engage in high-risk economic behaviors, especially when they contribute to an economic bust.

Such as Aptos Blockchain hype, there is nothing new than duplicating the efforts on the blockchain that does not resolve any fundamental issues.

What makes Web3 or crypto flourish without the hype of betting on the valuation like the stock market?

The project ecosystem offers can benefit more than what Web2 can offer is the key.

Duplicating the efforts of existing blockchains just to improve scalability will never be sufficient to survive in the long-term uncertainty of the economy and the competition.

You will know what I meant if you stick longer in the space. So many famous projects fail silently later as a result.

The building is the key to success in the crypto, no marketing scheme.

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