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Crypto Mythbusting: Do altcoins really pump after big Bitcoin moves?

The Data

The Moves

  1. End of 2017 Bull Run: 11/13/2017–12/16/2017, +242%, $6,000 — $20,000
  2. Bear Market Pump: 6/10/2019–6/26/2016, +82%, $7,500 — $13,000
  3. New ATH: 12/12/21–1/08/21, +134%, $18,000 — $45,000
  4. Summer 2021 Pump: 7/21/21–7/30/21, +44%, $29,000 — $42,000

End of 2017 Bull Run

  • 11/13/2017–12/16/2017
  • +242%
  • $6,000 — $20,000

Bear Market Pump

  • 6/10/2019–6/26/2016
  • +82%
  • $7500 — $13000

2020 Q4 All-Time-High

  • 12/12/21–1/08/21
  • +134%
  • $18,000 — $45,000

Summer 2021 Pump

  • 7/21/21–7/30/21
  • +44%
  • $29,000 — $42,000

What Does This Mean for Today?

  • An ATH rejection, then breakout: An ATH rejection followed by a breakout, would most likely put an ‘altcoin season’ on hold, but would still be good news for altcoins. As we’ve seen, when Bitcoin pumps, altcoins pump, just not as much. Maybe after a big move and a retracement, we’d finally see a real altcoin season. Bitcoin dominance is still pretty low compared to historical levels, so it’s possible we need to see it take some market cap back before altcoins can run.
  • Bitcoin stability: If Bitcoin just hangs out within $5k-sh of where it is today, altcoins will probably run. That chart would look pretty similar to our late 2017/early 2018 altcoin season, but could signal an end to the bull run.
  • Bitcoin dips: Bitcoin could still take a dip, and that could mean who-knows-what for altcoins. In 2019, it was bad for alts, in the winter of 2020/2021, it was great for alts. On the bright side, it would probably mean an extended bull run, as pretty much every BTC all time high has been followed by an explosion to higher levels.

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