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Crypto Regulation / Eth Upgrade / 12-Year-old ‘Weird Whale’ Nft

1. The Bank of America Worldwide Research Team Issued an Article Outlining the Advantages of Making Bitcoin Legal Tender in El Salvador

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador; Source : Click here
Source: Click here

2. Bitcoin Price Exceeds $41,000 Following the Longest Streak in 8 Years

3. Biden to Step Up Crypto Tax Enforcement to Help Fund the United States’ $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Image Source: White House
  • The White House stated that President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of senators had reached an agreement on the details of a “once-in-a-generation investment” in the United States’ infrastructure.
  • Measures to strengthen tax enforcement around crypto-assets were tacked on at the last moment to the infrastructure law in order to obtain revenue to support the development plan.
  • The proposal/bill will be considered by the Senate, according to the White House, who added that “in total, the plan involves $550 billion in a new public/federal investment in America’s infrastructure.”
  • The $550 billion will be spent on roads, bridges, high-speed internet, public transportation, electric vehicles, airports, and maritime ports, among other things, in the next eight years.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are estimated to raise an additional $28 billion as a result of the rules.

4. Bitcoin has been Added to GoldenTree’s Balance Sheet

Image source: Golden Tree

5. Over $4.3 billion of Bitcoin has been Pulled from Exchanges in the Last Four Days!

Source: Glass node
Source: Click here

6. Ethereum London Upgrade — August 5th, 2021

Source: Click here

7. Crypto Punk sold for 2250 Eth

Source: Crypto punks

8. Wealthfront Adds Crypto With Addition of Bitcoin, Ethereum Trusts

Source: Wealthfront
Image Source: Click here

10. Germany will Allow Institutional Funds to Hold up to 20% of Their Assets in Cryptocurrency

Source: Wiki

11. Ethereum Whale Bought 1 % of All the Crypto Punk NFTs


12. Hedge Funds Buying NFT’s

Source: Click here

13. Binance Shut Crypto Derivatives Trading to Users in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands


14. Binance has Completed the Integration of the Polygon Wallet

15. Coinbase Ventures has Invested in an Ethereum-based Streaming Network.

Source: Coinbase

16. Avalanche Launches a New Bridge, Preparing DApps for Widespread Usage

Image source: Avalanche

17. Paypal Announces Plans to Expand Cryptocurrency Services Through a “Super App”

Image Source: PayPal

18. No Signs of a Bear Market What So Ever — Willi Woo

Source : click here
Image Source: Glassnode

19. Bank of America, Coinbase, and FTX all Participate in the Series D Funding Round for Paxos

Image Source: Paxos

20.Uniswap is in Talks With PayPal and Robinhood, According to a Leaked Video

Source: Click here

21. A 12-year-old boy Earns More than $160,000 by Selling an 8-bit Whale-Inspired NFT Collection

Wiered Whale : Source Click here

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