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Types of video advertising

If you want to sell something — then the first thing it is necessary to show what you have. For a startup, high-quality video for the product — a very necessary thing. And if you are going to do Fundraising (ICO, IDO, or some kinda Kickstarter) — then MUST Have. The problem is that the creation of a video is always expensive, and novice entrepreneurs always with no money at all.

Video can be of two types. First — technical video. It is not about selling tasks — the video is more likely to perform a specific function: describe the functions or common workflow of the product, show how the product works, what technologies are used, how to use them, and how people can use it. This includes Screencast, How It Works, Onboarding Video, Tutorials, Company & Customer Stories, Testimonials. The difference between them is also in technical implementation. So, screencast and tutorial are very similar, in fact, but not by performance: Screencast is the capture of the image from the screen, while the tutorial can be a series of animated rollers. Onboarding video can also be both a screencast and a separate animation solution, or in general an interview, but with a single reservation. It must fulfill the feature of “onboarding video”, that is, to have a direct visual connection with the product itself. Separately, it is worth noting Company & Customer Stories. The task of such a video is to attract new customers through the advice of other users or attract good employees to the company. Or (yes, it happens) just to show the values ​​of the company as it is structured from the inside.

The second type is a Promotional video. Here everything is completely simple: they have to sell. These are videos that can be used to promote your product everywhere where it can be done: on your Landing, in YouTube advertising, turn on Facebook ADS and Cover Picture, Instagram, use in email marketing, remarketing, on crowdfunding, in articles and promotional materials of blogs and media, who is completely arrogant — on the main scene of conferences. By the way, many forget about TV, and this is a very popular platform around the world. The main charm of the promo video is that they can generate traffic, attract new customers, tell about the product. In terms of its technical execution, video promo can be the most different. It can be Live Action with actors, 2D/3D animation, Motion Design, Stop-Motion, or a combination of approaches. It is important to understand that there is, roughly speaking, animation and real shooting. Each approach is good and everyone has its characteristics. Starting from the price and ending with the deadlines and complexity of implementation. There is still a separate type of video. This is a brand video. This is a very cool type of promo, its main goal is to form a specific attitude towards the brand from the target audience. Very often, such videos are small movie art with special effects and a storyline.

How to start?

Let’s miss an example of the right approach and begin with the wrong. The wrong approach is when the client has already spent the budget on a video but does not understand what to do with it. As a result, he begins to invent, how to run the rocket when he has a bike. Paradoxically, some projects do not know why they need their video, and they believe that the video will make wonders itself. Know why you need a video before it is made — this is a must. Therefore, it is right to first answer a few questions, and then proceed to the production:

· What function should describe

· On which sites it will be used

· How much do I want to spend on it

This will affect how the video will be: it is timing, the specifics of the feed, production technology, and budget. How much can video cost for crypto startups? From $350 to $ 50,000 and higher. Where does such a spread of prices come from and how to understand what budget will be optimal for you? Everything is simple — you will get what u spent. If you want a video that will attract attention and people — you need to spend money. The timing of the production of a video on average is somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks. In production usually participates from 5 to 25 team members.

Youtuber’s reviews

An effective tool of Promotion — Buying ads or video reviews from the blogger. On the Internet, there are channels with thousands of active subscribers and a million views. As practice shows, buying ads among leaders of opinions provides a low cost of conversion, and works for a long time. The cost of the video starts from 500$ on average for novice bloggers. Another advantage of this tool — you can monitor the audience on the topic and video on the channel (bloggers, if necessary, give full information about it). Efficiency is visible in 5–7 days after review.

Another channel is your video advertising, training videos, interesting notes, interviews. After that, the finished video is placed on YouTube and another video hosting, on the official website, on social networks. Create a channel, optimize it and promote it. Efficiency is visible approximately after 2–3 months of active work. The cost depends on the type of content, the need to participate in professional directories, scenarios, or animators.

YouTube assumes complex promotion. If you think that having collected a bunch of views, likes, and comments, the video will conquer the Internet, then you are deeply mistaken. There are several groups of factors that should be equally considered when promoting a video:

● Video structure and details are YouTube-specific SEO. Everything related to optimization of keywords, titles, descriptions, tags, and links — work with the video itself.

● The external characteristics of the video are the reactions of users to the video. Likes, reposts, comments, sharing a link to a video are common forms of communication with the viewer.

● Promotion of the channel. In addition to the most obvious — the number of subscribers — the channel has other characteristics that will affect the distribution of the video. This is the optimization of the channel, its description, selection of keys, the number of backlinks to the channel, and even the organization of playlists.

● Channel concept. Without a clear understanding of the topic of the channel and its observance, there will be no success. For whom the channel was created, how it will be useful to the viewer, why it is worth subscribing to it right now — you should convey this idea in the trailer, in every video, in every heading, and even in the text of the channel’s banner.

● Video content. The main YouTube parameter is audience retention.

It is important to make high-quality and interesting content that viewers will watch to the end. The above details are also typical in working with influencers on Youtube. Only with regular work with all areas you can achieve a high ranking in search engines. Do not forget that all your actions to work with the promotion of a video must be measured and analyzed: the number of clicks to an external page, their price, price per subscriber, the source of organic traffic, and so on. Collect and compare these indicators to cut off ineffective promotion channels in time. It’s also worth remembering the transformation of Youtube. If earlier there was Wikipedia, then Youtube has already become such a Videopedia. Accordingly, a person comes to Youtube to be shown and told. Therefore, video blogger reviews must maintain this context. There is one interesting feature of youtube bloggers as well — not always already well-known names can bring results to your project review. Recently, newcomers and bloggers of a medium-size audience — are still able to bring the project to a live audience that will both buy your product and invest in it. Unfortunately, large bloggers on YouTube today, more and more often become overgrown with bots and fake views, which cannot suit a start-up.

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Sergey Golubev (Сергей Голубев)
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