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In this brief article, I will expose how my trading algorithm is doing, and how I managed to hit a whopping 70% accuracy over the last week while trading BNBUSDT on Binance Futures.

For those who are reading me for the first time, I would recommend you to take a look at my article explaining how I developed a neural network for trading, my so-called SlothTrading algorithm :).

The predictions for the 1-week timeframe are working great so far, and now I will show you the hit rate over the last week for the pair BNBUSDT on Binance Futures.

The accuracy is calculated on a binary basis, depending on in the algorithm was right or wrong when predicting the direction of the price for the next week on BNBUSDT.

As you may have seen, we got an incredible accuracy rate of 70% for the last week. This result is pretty decent and clearly proves that my neural network has something to do with it. Convolutional neural networks are currently being used by top hedge funds in their algorithmic trading and it's for a reason. The higher the quality of the data you have to feed your algorithm, the better the results you will achieve. Big players know it and have been exploiting this imbalance of information for decades.

All the information presented and much more is available on my website, where there are hourly predictions for different assets.

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