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Best 17 FREE Crypto Trading Bots in 2023

Review, compare & choose the best crypto trading bot to automate your trading strategies and boost your crypto portfolio

What is a Crypto trading bot?

A Crypto trading bot is software that helps you automate your trading strategies. In other words, crypto trading bots automatically execute orders based on your trading strategy at your crypto exchange without your manual intervention. This reduces risks and gives you an extra edge over manual traders.

Top 18 Crypto Trading Bots 👇

I tried to keep things short; as Kofi Annan says, “Knowledge is Power. Information is liberating.” I tried to provide you with all the features of the top crypto trading bots in this article.

Best Trading Bots

1. Pionex — FREE best trading bots for crypto

Don’t need to hassle with the API Keys while using Pionex. So far, there are 18 free cryptocurrency bots on Pionex: Pionex Grid Trading Bot, Pionex Leveraged Grid Bot, Pionex Margin Grid Bot, Pionex Infinity Grid Bot, Reverse Grid Bot, Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot, Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot, TWAP Bot, Trailing Take Profit Bot, BTC Moon, ETH Moon, and Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot (Click here).

Pionex Bots — best trading bots for crypto
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2. Bitsgap — Grid Trading Bot for Binance [ Join Bitsgap ]

Bitsgap bot is best known for its unique grid bots. These bots allow you to perform high-frequency trading, which is only accessible to big hedge funds, or you need to buy these tools at high prices.

Bitsgap Grid Trading Bot
  • Trade bots are based on a transparent and efficient logic
  • Risk-free bot trading simulator in DEMO mode
  • Backtested Strategies for a quick bot start
Buy Bitsgap

3. Cryptohopper — Trading bot Strategies and Marketplace [ Signup Link ]

Cryptohopper is a paid crypto trading bot for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But before jumping into the paid membership, you have a free trial for 7 days in Cryptohopper.

Cryptohopper bots for crypto trading
Buy Cryptohopper

4. KuCoin — Crypto trading bots for beginners

Everyone knows KuCoin is an easy-to-use and safe cryptocurrency exchange.

Kucoin — Crypto trading bots for beginners

5. Coinrule — You can make your own Coinbase Trading Bot! [ Join Here ]

Coinrule is a next-level bot for beginners. The “if-this-then-that” rule allows even less advanced crypto traders to build their cryptocurrency trading strategy in a minute. The user-friendly interface guides users in making the trading bot step-by-step.

Coinrule — Build bots for crypto trading
Buy Coinrule

6. 3commas — Crypto Bots Trading and Crypto Signals

3Commas is one of the top crypto trading bots. I put it on the list because the UI is more for a professional trader.

3Commas — bots for crypto trading
  • The cryptocurrency trading bot on 3Commas can implement multiple bitcoin trading strategies based on technical indicators and enable trading bitcoin for profit.
  • The community is good, and you can buy some online courses using the 3Commas Bitcoin trading bot.
  • Furthermore, the platform also offers a third-party crypto signals Marketplace.
Buy 3Commas

7. Cornix — Automate Telegram-based crypto signals

Cornix is one of the best automated crypto trading platforms.

Cornix Bot

8. Shrimpy — The social trading platform for Bitcoin [ Join Shrimpy ]

Shrimpy bot is a paid crypto trading bot service for rebalancing.

Shrimpy bots crypto trading
Buy Shrimpy

9. Quadency — Is it the Best Bittrex Trading Bot? [ Join Qaudency ]

Quadency bots crypto trading
  • It also allows you to swap on DEXs and plan to move towards decentralized exchange.
Buy Quadency

10. TradeSanta — Automated Crypto Trading Software [ Sign up Here ]

TradeSanta trading bot works on eight main exchanges, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, and Bitfinex to help you crypto trade simultaneously on them.

TradeSanta Crypto Bot
  • TradeSanta offers a variety of signals, like TradingView custom signals, pre-built signals based on TradingView Screener and technical indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, etc.
  • Stop loss, trailing stop loss, trailing take profit, and other risk management tools.
  • DCA and grid strategies.
  • Demo trading allows you to test your strategy against the real market conditions without putting in any real money.
  • Telegram notifications and real-time tracking so you can always check what your bots are doing.
  • TradeSanta also has a nice feature that allows you to quickly close all positions and transfer all your assets into USDT or BTC. It can be helpful if you need to do it quickly when, for example, the market starts to crash or you want to fix your earnings.
Buy TradeSanta

11. Mizar — FREE best crypto bots copy trading platform

Mizar is the most promising newcomer crypto bot copy trading platform this year. It is 100% subscription free and comes with unlimited use of all features to scale your trading and diversify your portfolio.

  • Bot copy trading with profit sharing
  • DCA bots and Smart Trading Terminal
  • Paper Trading Account to test strategies risk-free
  • State-level security protocols and measures to keep users data and funds safe
  • 24/7 customer support available

12. HaasOnline — The most advanced Algo Trading Software[ Join Here ]

HaasOnline is a paid cryptocurrency trading software that is unlike any other. Similar to the other trade bot, they offer your standard pre-built trading bots for strategies like arbitrage, market-making, and other tools.

HaasOnline Bot
Buy HassOnline

13. is a powerful crypto trading bot that was launched in 2014. The platform offers all its services through an application that can be downloaded. This application allows users to set up different strategies to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Further, the platform offers users a graphic user interface (GUI) that provides features like detailed charts and drag-and-drop options to edit strategies. trading bot

14. Wunderbit — Automate Bitcoin robot [Link]

Wunderbit facilitates the buying and selling crypto assets directly using a credit card, i.e., you can buy bitcoin with a credit card. Furthermore, the platform provides crypto trading bots to help you automate your trades.


15. Superalgos — Free and Open-Source Crypto Trading Bot [Link]

If you are a trader or developer looking to build sophisticated crypto trading bots with your own strategies, look no further than Superalgos.

Superalgos — Automated crypto trading bots
Buy Superalgos

16. — No-code crypto trading platform allows crypto traders to automate their trading process instantly with no code via simple typing, along with the most innovative trading tools in the market.

  • Users can create their conditions from 55+ technical indicators, price actions, candlestick patterns
  • Traders can create their custom trading conditions, set their stop losses and take profits and instantly automate with no code via Automated Loop
  • There are also free trading templates available for users. They can use them right away or customize them any way they want
  • Comprehensive statistics — lets traders track their automated strategies’ performance and backtesting results
  • Unique analysis tool where crypto traders can replay their every position in detail right in the chart via the Position Replay feature
  • Customizable parameters and timeframes. Traders can customize each condition in itself in terms of time frame, exchange, asset, period, and other parameters.

17. Open Source Crypto Trading Bot by Haehnchen

Using this bot, you can create new strategies and backtest them.

  • Supports (Bitmex, Binance (Futures and Margin), Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex (margin wallet), and Bybit with leverage configure
  • Free and open source
  • Fully use Websocket for exchange communication to react as fast as possible on the market
  • Multi-pair support in one instance
  • sqlite3 storage for candles, tickers, …
  • Webserver UI
  • Support for going “Short” and “Long”
  • Signal browser dashboard for pairs
  • Slack and email notification
  • Join foreign exchange candles (e.g. Trade on Bitmex with the faster-moving Binance trades/candles)

What are the best Trading bots for Beginners?

If you are a beginner, you should prefer Shrimpy, Cryptohopper, and Pionex. These trading bots are easy to use and will lessen the complexities.

Do trading bots really work? ✅

Trading bots work; it will always be your strategy that will create problems for you 😃. The trading bot’s job is to execute the order based on your configuration. So if your configuration, aka trading strategy, is good, you will be unstoppable.

❓Is crypto trading bot profitable?

Your trading strategy yields profits for you, not the trading bot. However, in some cases like Grid trading bots, they will yield profits if you run them long enough in a sideways market. So if you think are crypto trading bots worth it? Then start with a free one, Pionex.

When should you use a Crypto trading bot?

Many functions that a well-executed bot can conduct for you are rebalancing, portfolio management, data collection, intelligent order routing, etc.

#1 Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks consume a lot of time and effort. A crypto trading robot will allow you to virtually “copy and paste” specific tasks to conduct trades easily. One of the best ways bots can help with repetition is periodic rebalances. If you want to conduct hourly rebalances, then you’ll need to, as the name suggests, rebalance your portfolio every hour. So, you have two options:

  • Create a trading bot and program it to rebalance your portfolio every hour till the end of time.

#2 Timing

Timing and achieving a high degree of accuracy in your trading are essential. Every crypto trade you make can enormously impact your potential earnings. Let’s take an example. Suppose the price of Bitcoin is going down, and you want to sell your position the moment BTC hits the $59,000 support line. If you were to do this manually, you’d have to patiently and carefully observe the price chart, and even then, you may not pull the trigger at the right time. The trading bot can be easily programmed to monitor the market and execute a trade at the correct times.

#3 Complications can be simplified

Consider the example of “smart order routing.”

  • Every single trading pair needs to be carefully determined as per its timing, asset quantity, and trading price.
  • This entire route must be finished within a specific time limit before the market conditions change.

How do I pick the best crypto trading bot? 🏅

Here are some key points when choosing a new crypto trading bot.

  • Mobile App/ Mobile View — On mobile, you can monitor your trading bot easily. Therefore, always choose a trading bot with proper mobile support. I recommend Pionex; they have the best mobile app for crypto trading.
  • Pre-build Templates — When I ran my first trading bot, it was an overwhelming experience. I made some mistakes, trial, and error, before being able to get my trading strategy automated. However, today many trading bot platforms provide you with pre-build, well-tested trading bot templates you can start with. Check out Cryptohopper for that.
  • Drag and Drop or Coding Script — There are two ways to implement your trading strategy: you write a code for that or use drag and drop tools, such as those provided by Mudrex. There are limitations to drag-and-drop tools, but if you are a beginner and don’t have coding knowledge, I recommend you stick to drag-and-drop tools.
  • Backtesting — Always backtest your trading strategy before making it live. While backtesting, you will need historical bitcoin and other crypto pricing data. Therefore, choose a platform with sufficient pricing history.
  • Indicators — You might need advanced trading indicators when automating your strategy; therefore, make sure the platform supports the trading indicators you are looking for. Additionally, many social and on-chain data indicators are beneficial, so also look for them.
  • Indices Providers — Many platforms such as Mudrex and Napbots provides pre-build indices, meaning they have created a bucket of tokens, and you can simply invest any bucket of your choice. However, this is more of investing than trading.
  • Price — I believe you should always look for the best trading tool and not worry about if it’s a little expensive because your trades will automatically pay for the tool.
  • Cloud-Based or Self-hosted — Seft hosted solution is suitable for security, but it suits people with resources. I recommend you go with a cloud-based solution to get the best experience.
  • Trading Communities — In today’s world, where information is money, trading communities help you get updated with the latest news, new trading trends, and much more. A beginner can learn a lot in these communities. If you wish, you can join the Coinmonks community.
  • Support and Tutorial — Trading platforms develop many blogs and videos for their users to help educate them about their platform. It is super helpful for beginners. It ain’t a good product if it doesn’t provide good documentation of its product or customer support. Especially where money is involved.
  • Integration with Crypto Tax software — The first time I ran the Grid trading bot, it made more than 900 trades in 45 minutes, I made some quick bucks, but I was worried all my profits would go to my accountant/CPA. At that time, I realized why trading bots must integrate with tax software. Therefore, make sure to choose a trading bot that provides an integration of tax software. I also wrote a guide comparing the best crypto tax software; you might want to check it out too.
  • Team, Company & History — Finally, check out companies background because it is essential because you will be giving access to your exchange trading account to the software. So search for if the software has ever been hacked, the founders’ background, and the company’s history.

Are crypto trading bots legal? 🚤

As I mentioned, more than 90% of the trading happened through automated software. Therefore, everyone from top to bottom is using them, especially the big players. So crypto trading bots are entirely legal.

How do crypto trading bots work? 🖥

There are different bots because it depends on how crypto trading bots work. Let’s see some major categories.

  • Crypto Arbitrage Bot: Arbitrage means buying from a lower price and selling in another place at a higher price. There are many different ways to do arbitrage in crypto. However, check out Pionex’s spot futures arbitrage bot if you want risk-free arbitrage.
  • Copy Trading: Here, the central concept is to copy another’s trader strategy; you don’t need to do anything. The platform copies trade for you. Your main task is to select a good trader you want to copy.
  • Grid Bots: Grid bots enable you to perform high-frequency trading. Grid bots do a low of traders at very close price ranges and try to create profit for you. Of course, you choose the price range and grid configurations.
  • Market-Making Bots: Market-Making bots mainly create liquidity, similar to Grid bots. However, they perform near the market price by creating orders on both sides of the order book and making small profits.

How to build a crypto trading bot?

You can try Trality to code your strategy in Python if you are a coder. However, I suggest you use simple drag and drop or If-else solutions such as those provided by HaasOnline, Cryptohopper, or 3commas to automate your trading. They are easy to use and charge almost nothing.

How do you file taxes for crypto bot trading? 🏛

Trading bots execute trades on your crypto exchange. Therefore you just need to integrate your exchange with tax softwares to export your trades. Once exported, the software automatically calculates your profit and losses and provides you with a tax calculation report.

How can you create a crypto trading bot yourself?

There are multiple types of trading bots, and getting started with each of them is different. However, almost all cases, you need to integrate your crypto exchange with the trading bot.

Trading Strategy Automation

To automate your trading strategy, you should use the following steps before starting the bot.

  • Backtesting is an essential step when working with a trading strategy. The trading bot platform runs your strategy on historical data and provides valuable insights. Make sure your backtest must be realistic to understand the role of variables like trading fees, slippage, and latency. According to the performance result, you can fine-tune your strategy.
  • Execution — In this phase, you need to make your strategy live.

Pros and Cons of using trading bots for crypto trading ⭐️

Let’s see some benefits of using trading bots:

Tips for Crypto Trading 💲

I have been in crypto for the last 3 years, and here are some pro tips for you.

  • Only use reputed exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, etc. Check out our list of best crypto exchanges.
  • Whitelabel your IP address if possible to restrict access to your account by specific IPs; however, this is only suggested for experienced people. Some trading bots, such as the Kucoin crypto trading bot, allow you that.
  • Use your mobile to monitor your trading bots.
  • Try crypto signals, which can also be automated through trading bots like Cornix.
  • And always remember, not your keys, not your crypto. So slowly try to buy a cryptocurrency hardware wallet and take up custody of your assets.

What are the best Bybit trading bot?

Bybit, one of the best crypto exchange platforms, provides in-house bybit bots. You do not need a third-party trading robot provider that needs API keys and a monthly subscription. Furthermore, this Bybit bot is entirely free to use for traders. You also do not have any Bybit fees on the automated GRID bot.

What are the best Coinbase trading bots?

You’re a resident of the USA and wondering how to use a trading bot on Coinbase? Well, various crypto bots providers can help you in that case. From my personal experience, I’d suggest you go with Bitsgap or 3Commas as they are the best Coinbase Pro trading bots available in the market. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay extra for a monthly subscription, you can choose Pionex.

What are the best Binance trading bots?

If You're Looking for the best Binance trading bots as a beginner, you can start by using CryptoHopper, Bitsgap, 3Commas, etc. Furthermore, if you like having complete control over your trading bots, Quadency or HaasOnline can be a perfect choice. However, it would help if you only used HaasOnline when you have a basic idea of using HassScript, their coding language, to configure the automated bot.

What are the best Bittrex Trading Bots?

The best Bittrex trading bots include 3Commas, CryptoHopper, Bitsgap, etc. Further, you can also automate your crypto trading free bots. One of them is SuperAlgos. However, SuperAlgos is pretty complex for beginners; hence, you can instead use one of the 16 free trading bots of Pionex.

What is the most successful trading bot?

It’s difficult to answer unless you have internal data for these crypto trading bot providers. However, based on traffic analysis, we can see Cryptohopper, Pionex, and Bitsgap are the most successful trading bots.

Are crypto bots free?

Of course, there are free crypto bots such as Pionex. Some exchanges have inbuilt trading bots, such as, Kucoin, and BingX.

Trading bot Discounts and Coupon code🔥

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