cryptoFi — Create Invoices and Get Paid in Crypto

Build for freelancers and businesses. Send, Receive and Track Crypto Invoices

cryptoFi — Crypto Invoices and Payments

I work with people all around the world, many in the crypto industry, I get paid in crypto most of the time. I love the experience and In my view, Crypto is a tool for economic liberation.

In Crypto, We believe!!

But using crypto has some pro and cons.


  • Instant Payments and settlement
  • Crypto is borderless
  • Crypto is secure
  • Fees are negligible no matter how much you transfer. No middleman sucking my money.


  • Financial Tooling still need to evolve
  • Regulations

I can’t control regulations but what I can do is build financial tooling to help people.


When I started accepting crypto and started paying crypto to other people, I faced these particular problems.

  • Address copy pasting is scary
  • How to track payments and reporting

Many time my clients ask me invoices, Though there are some solutions to create invoices, they are shitty as hell in terms of UX, others don’t support everything. Crypto is already difficult for people who don’t give a shit about crypto so the design will be a very important part of the crypto.


So I decided to build cryptoFi, A tool which helps you get paid in crypto and track those payments easily. Currently, you can create a few things.

  • Create Payment Invoices and send to email, So no need to copy paste address everywhere.
  • Track those payments
  • It takes care of Fiat <=> Crypto exchange rates
  • It’s noncustodial, Means we don’t hold your keys
  • Supports ETH, stable coins and all major fiat currencies


In the future, we will be working towards providing

  • Best and safest crypto payment experience (Removing address copy paste as much as possible)
  • Solve every crypto payments related problems for freelancer/businesses.
  • Add more currencies

I myself strive to see Crypto adoption and firmly believe it’s the best possible way to transfer value on the Internet exist today.

cryptoFi — Crypto Invoices and Payments

Here is a tutorial for “Creating Bitcoin Invoice”.

Here is a demo video, check out and let us know, we will love some early user feedbacks.