Putting the “D” in Dapp

In 1993, Eric Hughes published A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto detailing the need for cryptography and an anonymous currency if we wish to maintain our privacy in an open society.

My ambitions at the time were a little less grandiose; I was playing pogs, listening to 2Pac, and cultivating an epic bowl cut.

Fast forward a couple decades and the cypherpunk vision is being realized. Cryptographically back currencies are being adopted more and more and privacy is all over the news. And what do I have to show for it?

Sadly, I’m still playing pogs and my bowl cut is thinning.

When we set out to build Cryptogs.io, we channeled our inner cypherpunks and made sure the game was fully decentralized. Our source code is public and free for anyone to take and play using a local Ethereum node without ever touching a centralized server. What’s more, the contracts are deployed without any form of self-destruct; not even my private key can stop you and your anonymous homies from throwing slammers.

Similar to my article about taking random on the blockchain too seriously, I think we may have over engineered the decentralization of Cryptogs at #ETHDenver too.

It takes a lot of transactions to play Cryptogs fully decentralized. The first three transactions are just to get the game started and we think a tiny bit of optional centralization might make things run smoother. That’s why we’ve added a short-lived backend cache to allow for off-chain game coordination. But don’t worry, you can go full cypherpunk at any time:

Privacy is very important to us, but seriously, it’s just blockchain pogs. All we store is game metadata and it expires quickly:

We’ve also consolidated the tedious commit/reveal ceremony so the entire game is played with one or two transactions per player. We think it’s a lot smoother now and we would love your feedback in discord or slack!

We stand on the shoulders of crypto giants. I sure hope my next project will do them justice. For now, head on over to Cryptogs.io and create a game!

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